Some Challenges

As most of you know by now, farming always has its speed bumps. Sometimes crops don’t develop the way we hope because of weather conditions or other factors such as infections. Unfortunately, the norland red potatoes we are growing have developed a fungal infection. To combat this we are detaching the potatoes from the actual plant and storing them so as to not have them prone to the contagion. Not to worry – the potatoes will not lose any of their quality – they are still very tasty! and you will be getting them earlier!

Also, the broccoli in our uphill field was really slow to come on this year. We waited and waited, and got about a week out of broccoli before we came to the realization that it was not producing like we wanted, so we worked hard to get a second planting in the downhill field. We are hoping our hard work pays off and it turns up great! In the meantime, we still have an array of delicious and nutritious veggies on their way so we certainly won’t be lacking in variety!

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