Quality Control

With week two winding down, I just wanted to send a warm welcome to all of our returning and new shareholders this year. Ryan and I are very excited to be a part of this sustainably run CSA, and all of our staff want to provide the highest quality of produce for all of you.

Moreover, Ryan and I are continually learning how to improve in the way we manage the farm. Whether it is the way we prioritize tasks to be done, or decide to scrupulously wash certain veggies before handing them out, we truly want to make this a great year! For instance, this past Wednesday, we noticed that some of the kale bunches were slightly smaller or larger than others – we would prefer a consistent size for all of the bunches. This reminds us how to instruct those helping to harvest so that we can get that consistency. We also decided, after harvesting the raddishes, that we should hose them down and clean off the dirt, which made a huge difference in their color and presentation at distribution. A well run operation, as many of you know I’m sure, is always attuned to little details, which may not always seem important in the moment, but certainly make a difference in the long run. That being said, we appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions that you have for us. The future of our farm certainly includes hearing from our shareholders who are not always involved in the day to day operation with us. Good feedback can provide us some insight into how to improve upon the work we are doing, or remind us when we need to share more about how we run our farm.

Unfortunately potato beetles have been laying eggs underneath the leaves of our young eggplant; thus we have been ensuring they stop proliferating by squashing the bugs and eggs.


Washing our greens and radishes after harvest certainly makes a noticeable difference!

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