New Herbs On The Block

With the rain falling on the fields, we were busy weeding the crops, planting an assortment of herbs in our raised beds, and generally getting soaked.

Saturation aside, we planted several new varieties of herbs in our raised beds. With two established plantings of sage and thyme already residing in the beds, we added roasting rosemary, licorice vine French tarragon, spearmint, chocolate ganache mint, English lavender, pizza night oregano, regular oregano, Greek oregano, chives, fairest of all sage, twist of lemon thyme, and fine curled parsley.

Once these new herbs are established in the beds, we will let our shareholders know when they can take a few fresh sprigs to compliment their weekly vegetables shares.

For those still interested in joining our CSA, there is still time to register! Click here to visit the Moose Hill Community Farm CSA registration page.

Matt adding compost to a raised bed.

Recently sprouted beans.

Roasting rosemary.

Licorice vine French tarragon.









Pizza night oregano.

English lavender.









Greek oregano.

Regular oregano.









Fine-curled parsley.










Twist of lemon thyme.

Fairest of all sage.








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