Moose Hill By the Numbers

Connections MH100_fullcolor a newsletter for Mass Audubon members – recently featured Moose Hill in its By the Numbers article, highlighting the fact that Moose Hill is celebrating 100 years throughout 2016.

In preparing for this quick snapshot, there were a lot numbers that we gathered. Fun tidbits of information, and some real data about what we do here at Moose Hill. Needless to say, in 100 years, we provided more information than there was space available. The listing was pared down to fit the allotted space, and we love the numbers that were chosen. They touched on some of the key elements that make Moose Hill the place it is today. The article summarized a little about the land we protect, the natural communities that we encompass, the wildlife that we study, the events that have lasted through the years, the programs that are our backbone, and the staff.

But we just can’t stop thinking about all those other numbers that didn’t make it in and we are inspired to gather even more. In fact, we’d love to fill a wall with all the great facts and fun tidbits that remind us why Moose Hill is here. We will keep adding to our By the Numbers wall, and by the end of 2016, we hope to reach 100 fascinating facts and fun tidbits.

But, we need your help to do it! Share your stories with us – how many times have you hiked here? How many friends have you introduced to Moose Hill? How many photographs have you taken over the years? How many steps have you taken at Moose Hill? We will compile the information and continue to add to our By the Numbers wall. We’ll even post updates on how we are doing through our Facebook page.

And don’t forget to stay connected throughout the year: continue to share your adventures, past and present, on Facebook or Instagram (add Mass Audubon’s Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary as the location) using #MooseHill100.

We hope to see you soon, on the hill!

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