How to grow beans in cotton – very easy!

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Similar to a blog post I wrote earlier in the season, I thought I would share some steps for how you can regrow your green and yellow rocdor beans. I discovered this process from a friend of mine, who was simply using cotton balls to do so! As you will see in this article, all you will need is a small jar or plastic container, a few balls of cotton, and your beans. You can grow beans in this way using many types of bean varieties: green, black, kidney beans, etc.

Start by placing about 3 moist cotton balls inside a jar or small plastic container. Cotton should be spread apart and not tightly compacted. Do not soak the cotton, rather you can lightly pour water on it.  Make a very small indentation in the cotton for the seeds. Each seed can be placed about 1 inch apart. Cotton should be 1 – 2 inches from the surface of the cup or jar.

These beans should receive only about a half hour of sunlight a day, and the rest of the time they can be in a well lit area. Make sure they are not placed in the dark for long periods as this will not allow photosynthesis to occur. Water the cotton and beans when the cotton starts to dry up in order to maintain moisture. In no time you will see the beans break out of it’s skin like in the picture above!

Image titled 403px The bean sprout which surprised me 1

When bean sprouts reach about 6 -8 inches you can bury them along with the cotton into potting soil. At this point they can be exposed to sun throughout the day but should be watered daily so that it’s soil is continually moist.


This photo was taken myself…watch it grow!



How to grow beans in cotton

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This post is by Matt Eiland who is in his first year as one of the Farm Apprentices at Moose Hill. In addition to the weekly pick-up posts, Matt has been sharing stories from the fields, ways to care and store for the crops, and other helpful insights.

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