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Musings of a Sidewalk Explore: Mammals

Ms. Patti, one of our educators who has been teaching preschool and kindergarten aged children at Moose Hill for 25 years, continues her daily walks around her neighborhood and shares what she sees and a few fun activities and resources for you.

After focusing mostly on birds and flowers during my daily walks, the furry wildlife in the neighborhood caught my eye. I have seen plenty of domestic critters (barking dogs in yards and homes, disinterested cats in sunny windows, lots of dogs on walks with their humans, and a couple of wary outdoor cats); however, a recent squirrel encounter changed my focus from pets to furry wildlife, specifically squirrels and rabbits. 

I happened upon the path of one squirrel in hot pursuit another; we completely surprised each other as I rounded the corner. One squirrel dashed across the street (almost running over my foot) while the other turned on a dime and darted back into the shrubs along the edge of the sidewalk.  I was then thoroughly scolded by this squirrel…I almost thought it was going to come flying out of the shrubs to really make its point.  I’m not sure if the chase I interrupted was a territory dispute or the fact that spring is in the air; either way, there was absolutely no doubt on the feelings of this squirrel toward me. 

I had another squirrel encounter where I noticed three squirrels chasing each other in and around a tree.  Just as quickly as it started, they all stopped simultaneously and sat on three different branches. It was as if they were playing musical branches and the music stopped, only there was no music and plenty of branches. Squirrels really can be wacky, but so enjoyable. 

Apparently rabbits are not just dining in my yard…they are EVERYWHERE! The neighborhood rabbits don’t seem to notice (or care) when I walk by as they barely stop chewing and rarely hop away. Personally I have been battling the bunnies in my yard for the past few years (it’s a losing battle); however, I now know what rabbits don’t like to nibble (because that is what is thriving in my native perennial beds): foxglove beardtongue, cardinal flower, swamp milkweed, various ferns, wild indigo, and joe-pyeweed, just to name a few. Have a rabbit challenge and still want to have flowers? Check out our Native Plant Sale offerings and pre-order for your beds.  

Now I’m on the look-out for skunks, deer, opossums, raccoons, and/or coyotes, all of which I have seen/smelled/heard in the past in my yard.  Learn more about mammals in Massachusetts. 

What backyard mammals have you seen? Be well and stay safe! 

Musings of a Sidewalk Explorer: Gardens

Ms. Patti, one of our educators who has been teaching preschool and kindergarten aged children at Moose Hill for 25 years, continues her daily walks around her neighborhood and shares what she sees and a few fun activities and resources for you.

I so enjoy seeing flowers along my walking routes, and whether the beds are perfectly weeded and mulched, wildly cozy, or somewhere in between, I appreciate the work that goes into maintaining flower beds. I have always been a student of botany (trees, wildflowers, and other non-cultivated plants), but I now consider myself an accidental gardener. My first real dig at gardening came with coordinating Moose Hill’s first Native Plant Sale. Not being versed in actually planting/growing anything (other than a failed attempt at potted tomatoes…a squirrel got most of the them), my initial question was, “Remind me again the difference between annual and perennial.” It’s been almost 15 years since then and I now love getting my hands into the soil and dirt under my fingernails. Currently in my flower beds Mayapple is up, a few trilliums have flowers, columbine is just starting to bloom, and lots of greenery is filling in with the hope of more flowers to come. Each spring it’s truly is like seeing old friends after a long absence.  

My personal gardening philosophy is to dig a hole, put the plant in, water, and see what happens; I’m definitely in the let-it-grow-wildly-cozy camp. I try to place plants in their ideal growing conditions, but if I have an empty spot and a plant…in it goes. I have discovered that most will grow if placed even remotely close to their preferred conditions (they may not be as robust, but they will grow and thrive). As I enjoy the process of gardening, it is also important for our local pollinators (butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and the like). So, I hope you will find time to get your hands into soil, and if you don’t have space…just appreciate the gardens in your neighborhood. 

Celebrate plants! Here’s a few ideas:  

Plant anything and watch it grow. 

Read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. The final page will let you know how to care for seeds. 

Watch a particular tree/flower and track its growth. 

Try an underappreciated vegetable.  

Support Moose Hill’s Native Plant Sale (being held at the CSA Barn at our farm) and pre-order from our selection of native perennials.  

Join Moose Hill’s CSA for 18 weeks of fresh organic produce with options for helping harvest or not.  

Let us know about your gardening adventures! Be well and stay safe. 

Moose Hill’s Annual Native Plant Sale

Scarlet Bee Balm

Have you been spending more time in your yard and want to add some native plants to the mix? Well, it’s time to get your hands in the dirt and go native while supporting Moose Hill!

Our annual Native Plant Sale is going online this year – see what plants are available and pre-order for pick-up on Saturday or Sunday, June 6 and 7, from 10a-2pm each day at our Farm Barn conveniently located just off South Main Street in Sharon. In response to COVID-19, we are managing the sale as curbside pick-up only this year. We offer a wide variety of native perennials to help beautify your gardens and attract hummingbirds and/or butterflies to your yard. Whether you have sun or shade, moist or dry soil, we have plants that will enhance your gardens.

All plants are by pre-order only – use this form. We will call within 48 hours to confirm your order and take payment at that time. Forms will be processed in the order in which they are received and orders fulfilled while inventory lasts. The pictures of plants seen are when they are mature and in bloom. Please, no phone calls or emails to Moose Hill; this will slow down the process.

We will have your order ready and we will deliver it to your car when you arrive on your chosen pick-up day, either Saturday, June 6 or Sunday, June 7. Please make sure to have your trunk or back seat ready to receive plant(s). You may wish to have a box or container for us to put them into. All proceeds from this sale support Moose Hill’s educational programs. Don’t miss this opportunity to add high quality, native plants to your yard.

Proposed plant species for 2020: purple coneflower, blue mistflower, black-eyed Susan, marginal wood fern, lady fern, swamp milkweed, foxglove beardtongue, purple joe pyeweed, wild indigo, white wood aster, blazing star, cardinal flower, and scarlet beebalm! Plants are just $7 each and ferns are $10 each. 

The bonus, you have a chance to see our beautiful farm fields, located at 4 Moose Hill Street in Sharon, when you pull in for your order. Didn’t know that we run an organic farm? Learn more about our summer CSA or Farm Stand. Imagine a guaranteed 18 weeks of fresh, organic vegetables that average about $27-$32 per week! Shares are still available and if you register after the start date, we will prorate the share. But if you think that a share might be too many vegetables for you, we also look forward to opening the Farm Stand in mid-June, with some new rules in place of course. Your support of our farm provides Moose Hill with needed funds to continue the conservation work and educational programming that we have been doing for over 100 years.

As always – thank you for supporting local and native!

Joe Pye-Weed