A Few Important Announcements

The season is winding down folks! This upcoming week will be the final week of distribution, with Monday October 2nd being the very last pickup day. Yes it is very sad to see this come to an end. Please expect there to be a less than ideal quantity of produce for this last week, seeing that many crops such as winter squash, potatoes, and broccoli are all but finished.

In other news, our season ending potluck will be held on Sunday October 1st from noon until 2:00 pm at the Moose Hill Nature Center picnic area; 293 Moose Hill parkway. All shareholders are welcome to bring family and friends, and a dish of their choice. Please RSVP to [email protected], or by replying to the weekly emails.

Lastly I wanted to say how great of a year this has been, and that we all appreciate the compliments and feedback many of you have been giving. We will be sending out the end of the year survey after next week, which will give you the chance to communicate all of your suggestions and feedback regarding this past season, as well as next season. We certainly take these surveys into consideration when planning what crops to grow next season, so make sure  your voice gets heard!

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