What To Do This Weekend: Oct 14-15

Learn about spiders, visit a cranberry bog, and celebrate pollinators this weekend at Mass Audubon.

Celebrate pollinators at Drumlin Farm


Browse a beautiful collection of nature photography at Art in the Barn in Lenox. Over 4,000 entries were submitted to the Mass Audubon’s Picture This: Your Great Outdoors photo contest and the 2016 winning images will be displayed in the Barn at Pleasant Valley. (all ages)

More in the Berkshires

Connecticut River Valley

The fall colors of Graves Farm are a wonderful backdrop for your nature photography. Photographer and naturalist John Green will teach you how to take advantage of natural lighting and improve your photographs at Photographing Fall Colors at Graves Farm. He’ll also discuss how not to disturb wildlife in their natural setting, which makes getting the perfect picture much easier. (adults, registration required)

The land is a storybook with many chapters. Hike Laughing Brook’s longest trail and look for clues of animal activity and natural history changes, at Reading the Landscape at Laughing Brook in Hampden. (adults, registration required)

Canoe the Arcadia Marsh and explore the surrounding watershed on a leisurely canoe trip, enjoying the fall foliage and learning about the wildlife that inhabits the area and ever-changing landscape. (adults and children ages 9+, registration required)

More in the Connecticut River Valley

Central Massachusetts

Learn All About Fall Fungi at Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester and look for brittle-gills, milk mushrooms, waxy-caps, puffballs, and the honey mushroom. We’ll add our discoveries to the Broad Meadow Brook fungi inventory. (adults, registration required)

Leaf Peepers Family Program is a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature with the kids. Gather colorful leaves on a walk through Wachusett Meadow in Princeton and learn how to identify trees. Back at the Nature Center, there’ll be a fun leaf craft waiting for you. (all ages, registration required)

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Greater Boston

Celebrate all things pollinator during a visit to Drumlin Farm this Saturday for Pollinator Day. Create a fun pollinator craft to take home and visit vendors showcasing felting, candles, beeswax, lip balm, lotions and more. You’ll also get to meet a beekeeper, learn how to garden for pollinators, and taste honey. (all ages)

They may be creepy, but spiders are also nature’s bug zappers and help to control bug populations. Find out more and investigate the trails in Mattapan at Spider Web Walk. (families with children 5 and up)

Experience Moose Hill’s Vernal Pool Quest and follow clues, find quest markers, and discover the beauty of the trail this weekend. Family Quest Walk is a fun scavenger hunt activity and an engaging way to get outside with the family. (families with children 5+, registration required)

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South of Boston

The tart cranberry was a staple of the people of the First Nations, and its cultivation has played an influential part in our local history. Visit an abandoned bog to learn about ecological succession and more at Cranberry Bog Tour and Bake Fest in Marshfield. You’ll finish the in the kitchen to bake an assortment of yummy cranberry treats. (adults, registration required)

Attleboro Springs comes alive at night at their fun, non-scary, Halloween Spooktacular. Walk through pumpkin lit trails to see forest inhabitants that share natural history facts through fun skits and stories. Check out the games station and bake sale for more fun and treats. (all ages, registration required)

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Cape Cod and the Islands

John Kricher, author and Professor of Biology at Wheaton College, will be presenting a wide-ranging talk at Long Pasture in Barnstable. Among other things The Trade Off will contrast the lives, ecology, and natural history of long-distance migrant passerine birds, the orioles, tanagers, thrushes, flycatchers, and wood-warblers, with passerines that are permanent residents of lowland tropical forests. (adults, registration required)

Get ready for Thanksgiving with native cranberries that you pick! The Hunt for Red October at Sandy Neck beach will have you searching through the dunes for freshwater cranberry wetlands. Learn about wetland ecology and have an opportunity to pick some for yourself. (adults and children ages 6 and up, registration required)

More in Cape Cod and the Islands

North Shore

All spiders spin silk, but not all make webs to catch their prey. How does a spider spin a web and not get caught in it? Come and find out the other ways these fascinating little animals use their magic threads during Spooky Spiders. (adults and children ages 3+, registration required)

The Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island attracts an amazing variety of migrating birds. Learn to identify species by field marks, behavior, vocalizations, and habitat at Fall Migrant Birds of Plum Island. (adults, registration required)

More in the North Shore

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