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What To Do This Weekend: Nov 18-19

Go nuts for squirrels, look for seabirds, learn about turkeys, go on a night hike, make an evergreen wreath, and more at a wildlife sanctuary this weekend.

© Paula Stephens

© Paula Stephens

Greater Boston

Head to the Audubon Shop at Drumlin Farm to take advantage of their Holiday Sale. Mass Audubon members save 20% on nature-themed gifts and 15% on binoculars and spotting scopes.

Get the Most from your Smartphone Camera at Stony Brook in Nofolk. These phone cameras often provide opportunities for us to compose, crop, edit and share our photos. Go on a short photo tour and then we will head out to put those camera phones through their paces. (adults, registration required)

Take a New Moon Hike at Habitat in Belmont. Begin inside with an activity or two, before heading out to see what the night has in store. You’ll “see” the night in a whole new way! (families, registration required)

Go Nuts About Squirrels at the Boston Nature Center and navigate the forest looking for squirrel food, building nests, and doing other squirrely activities. Young naturalists will create a craft and go on a guided hike while learning about these smart animals. (families, registration required)

Help out with the Afternoon Chores at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln. Feed chickens and collect eggs, then bring hay to the sheep, goats, and cows. After we finish up we’ll treat ourselves to a farm-fresh snack. (families, registration required)

Go on a Duckstravaganza in Concord. Now is a great time to watch beautiful wintering ducks. Target species include teals, shovelers, mergansers, buffleheads, pintails and more. The leader will also bring a spotting scope for close-up views of these stunning ducks. (adults, registration required)

Get in the Thanksgiving Spirit with Turkey Trot at Moose Hill in Sharon. Search for turkey habitats, make a special turkey project that can brighten up your holiday table, take home turkey trivia, and partake in a gobbling contest and try to sound like a real turkey. (families, registration required)

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Cape Cod

Take a Seabird Cruise from Sesuit Harbor in Dennis into Cape Cod Bay aboard the Albatross. Search for alcids, loons, gannets, and sea ducks in flight and floating on the waves. We may also spot gray and harbor seals and other marine life. (adults and children, registration required)

More in Cape Cod and the Islands

Central Massachusetts

Make a Holiday Evergreen Wreath at Wachusett Meadow in Princeton. Identify some of the different types of evergreens and then make a decorative wreath using greens, winterberry, seed pods, and ribbon. (adults, registration required)

More than rhododendron and junipers, some trees, shrubs, vines, groundcover plants, and even ferns remain green throughout the winter. Learn How to Identify Evergreens at Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester and explore the adaptations their stems and leaves use to survive the New England winter’s dry winds and low temperatures. (adults, registration required)

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Connecticut River Valley

Look around, you will see squirrels and chipmunks harvesting the bounty of nuts that have fallen from oak, beech, hickory, and hazelnut trees. Enjoy a Nature’s Harvest Walk at Laughing Brook in Hampden as you learn about plants that can be harvested and the uses of these plants. (families, registration required)

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North Shore

Bring your friends for a pre-Thanksgiving guided Big Woods Hike at Ipswich River in Topsfield to discover the world of nature as plants and animals prepare for winter. Stop along the way to hear stories of those who lived on the land before us and learn more about the fascinating cultural history of the sanctuary. (registration required)

During Seabirds of Cape Ann with Joppa Flats, look for both migrant and wintering seabirds at Halibut and Andrews points and in the shelter of the cape’s many coves. Target species include red-throated loon, red-necked grebe, harlequin duck, black guillemot (and maybe other alcids), and three species of scoter. (adults, registration required)

More in the North Shore

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