What to Do This Weekend: February 27-28

ChickensNature and tracking walks, sugaring tours, a chicken workshop, and eagle field trip are just a few of the fun activities we have planned for the weekend. See the entire schedule online.

Birders and non-birders of all ages and skill level welcome to attend the HIP (Habitat Intergenerational Program) Morning Bird Walk at Habitat in Belmont. Come and enjoy a gentle strolls as we look for seasonal signs of change. (All ages)

Chickens are easy to raise, provide eggs and meat, add nutrients to your compost pile, work your garden soil, and help control insect pests. Learn the Basics of Backyard Chickens at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, including breeds of chickens, housing and feeding needs, egg production ,and more. (Adults, registration required)

What do you do if you see a snapping turtle crossing the road or laying eggs in your yard? What can we do to protect rare and endangered turtles? During Oak Knoll’s Helping Wild Turtles in Attleboro, find out how you can be a turtle protector, meet our turtle collection, and get inspired! (Ages 5+)

Switching to local, renewable electricity can show savings on your current electricity bill. Attend the Go Green Winter Workshop at Arcadia in Easthampton/Northampton for a presentation and hands-on demonstration of low cost or no cost Go Green ideas for staying warm, lowering your bills, and reducing your carbon footprint. (Adults, registration required)

Come on down to the Boston Nature Center for our very own version of Mythbusters. During Nature Myths, we will explore the difference between poisonous and venomous, find out if crickets really tell the temperature, and more. Bring your own questions to try to stump the naturalist! (Family)

Attend one of Ipswich River’s Sugaring Off Tours to learn how to identify a sugar maple, observe tapping and sap collection methods, watch the sap being boiled down in the sugarhouse, and get a sweet taste of the final product. (All, registration required)

Are you ready to meet some of the wild creatures living right in our own backyards? During The Nature of My Backyard at Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester, you will learn about some of the common animals we share space with such as the fisher, skunk, turtle, fox, or even a flying squirrel. (All)

Learn to identify the tracks, chews, scat, burrows and other clues left by many creatures with animal tracking programs at Broadmoor in Natick, Wachusett Meadow in Princeton, Stony Brook in Norfolk, Canoe Meadows in Princeton

Deep winter is the best time to find bald eagles locally, and the lower Merrimack River is the best place to find them. Search the lower Merrimack for bald eagles and other wintering birds during Joppa Flats’ Bald Eagles of the Merrimack River. (Adults, registration required)

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