What To Do This Weekend: April 8-9

Search for spadefoot toads and salamanders, go on a hawk and woodcock watch, enjoy outdoor meditation, learn how to make sourdough bread, and more at a wildlife sanctuary this weekend.

Spadefoot Toad by Heidi Filmer-Gallagher


Head  to the Little Cinema at the Berkshire Museum for a screening of The Messenger, a a visually thrilling documentary to explores what’s killing our songbirds and what can be done about it. (adults)

More in the Berkshires

Connecticut River Valley

Explore Vernal Pools at Arcadia in Easthampton by dipping your net in the water to find out what creatures live there. These special habitats serve as homes to a number of extraordinary animals that have adapted to live in them. (families, registration required)

Watch the special dance of Woodcocks at Laughing Brook in Hampden. We’ll listen for the sound of the woodcock and watch the fields until dark. (adults and children ages 10+, registration required)

More in Connecticut River Valley

Central Massachusetts

Go for a Spring Bird Walk at Wachusett Meadow in Princeton. We’ll be looking for migrants as well as breeding species, and practicing identification based both on sight and sound. Beginners always welcome. (adults, registration required)

More in Central Massachusetts

Cape Cod

Search out the first amphibians of the season as part of Spadefoot and Salamander Big Day at Ashumet Holly in Falmouth. (adults and children, registration required)

During the interactive presentation Life in the Egg at Wellfleet Bay, learn about the avian reproductive cycle by examining reproductive anatomy, fertilization, egg production, incubation, and how a chick develops within an egg. (adults, registration required)

More on Cape Cod

South of Boston

Join Oak Knoll in Attleboro for an “egg”citing Egg Hunt as we start the day dying eggs with natural dyes, create a bird’s nest, visit with some egg-laying animals, and learn about different types of eggs in our educational stations before heading out for our annual egg hunt. (families, registration required)

Celebrate Amphibians After Dark at Stony Brook in Norfolk by walking the lantern-lit trails with a guided group and encounter costumed characters waiting to teach you about amphibians through their stories and songs. (adults and children, registration required)

During Our Changing Forests and the American Chestnut Tree at Moose Hill in Sharon, venture along the trails to locate and identify American Chestnut trees, investigate the disease that continues to inflict them, and come to understand how its demise has influenced the forest ecosystem and local culture. (adults, registration required)

More South of Boston

Greater Boston

Are you stressed out? Head to Boston Nature Center for a guided Outdoor Meditation Walk. The natural world will be our setting for reflection and stillness. Please bring a notebook, pen, and be prepared to spend the majority of time outside. (adults, registration required)

Does your child love photography, technology, and nature? Over the course of three Saturdays, kids will build a real working digital camera as part of Build a Digital Camera and Learn the Art of Nature Photography at the Museum of American Bird Art. Along the way, they’ll learn about the science, engineering, and technology behind the camera lens. (children ages 9-16, registration required)

Learn the age old tradition of Sourdough Bread Making in a hands-on workshop at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln. Participants will go home with their very own sourdough starter and the skills to make sourdough bread at home with just flour, water, and salt. (adults, registration required)

Go on a Woodcock Walk in the Blue Hills and at Broadmoor in Natick. Learn about these strange birds before venturing out in search of a male bird displaying. (adults and children ages 8+, registration required)

More in Greater Boston

North of Boston

Go on a Hawk Watch with Joppa Flats. Before heading out to Plum Island, we will first examine the dynamics of fall hawk migration, concentrating on movement through central Massachusetts. (Adults, registration required)

Learn How to Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds to Your Landscape at Ipswich River in Topsfield. Based on organic and environmentally sound principles, will provide the information you will need to design your own butterfly garden and attract  hummingbirds, while teaching you how to enrich and support your environment by using native plants. (adults, registration required)

More North of Boston

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