Weekend Update: November 8-9

BeaverWe’ve got so many great weekend activities! Talk turkeys, go on intriguing night hikes, learn about the nature of Wellfleet Bay at a free conference, and much more.

  • Join us to hear Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator, deliver the keynote address of our Annual Meeting Friday at 6 pm. (RSVP requested)
  • Take a Twilight Stroll Along Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester. As the sun sets, some animals settle down to roost and others become active. Look and listen for them as you explore the wildlife sanctuary by the light of the rising full moon. (All, registration required)
  • Go on a Night Hike at Habitat in Belmont. Start with an indoor activity or two and then venture outside to see what nature has in store. You’ll gain a new perspective on the nighttime. (Family, registration required)
  • Visit the Trees at High Ledges in Shelburne. Meet a wide variety of beautiful trees, from maples to oaks to hickories and more, and identify them even without their leaves. Plus, enjoy a panoramic view from atop the ledges. (Adult, registration required)
  • Once driven nearly to extinction in much of the United States, the wild turkey has returned. As part of an ongoing Sense of Wonder Walks series at Ipswich River in Topsfield, Let’s Talk Turkey focuses on this symbol of our first American holiday. Start with a turkey craft and then take a walk to catch, with luck, a glimpse of the elusive bird. (All, registration required)
  • Parents and kids can take an Exploration Hike on the new Pepperbush Trail at Moose Hill in Sharon. This hike is designed for children ages 7 and up with an accompanying adult. Parents can see nature play in action and discover how to incorporate it into later hikes. (All, registration required)
  • At the State of Wellfleet Harbor Conference sponsored by Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll learn how researchers are studying and monitoring the harbor and its watershed. Be sure to bring your concerns and questions about the region’s health. (Adult)
  • Join Busy Beavers at Broadmoor in Natick and find out why fall is an especially busy time in the beavers’ year. Learn their habits and how to recognize signs that they’ve been in the area. As sunset approaches, watch for Broadmoor’s resident beavers as they make their evening explorations. (Family, registration required)
  • You can’t go wrong with Saturday Morning Birding through Joppa Flats in Newburyport. Experienced leaders bring you to avian hot spots in the Newburyport/Plum Island area, one of the best year-round birding locations in the country. Beginners and birders of all skill levels are welcome. (Adult)

For a full listing, visit our online program catalog, where you can register for most of our programs.

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