Weekend Update: November 15-16

We’ve got a great selection of weekend programs for you to enjoy! Attend a snowy owl benefit, search for beautiful ducks, taste the fruit of the season, enjoy evening explorations, and much more.

  • Blue Hills Trailside Museum in Milton will host the Norman Smith Benefit for the Snowy Owl Project. The event will include a social hour complete with a live owl, a photography show, auction items, and a screening to learn more about the Project. (All, RSVPs requested)
  • Take a Family Night Hike at Arcadia in Easthampton and Northampton and discover the magic of the forest at nighttime. We’ll start with an indoor game, then venture outside to listen for owls and other night sounds, make sparks with rocks, and enjoy other exciting activities. (Family, registration required)
  • Crepuscular describes critters that are active at dawn and dusk. Join them on the Crepuscular Creep and Crawl at North River in Marshfield to add this neat word to your vocabulary and find out which of our favorite animals take advantage of twilight time. (Family, registration required)
  • Enjoy the fruits of the season with a Nature’s Harvest Free-for-All at Joppa Flats in Newburyport. Try tasty snacks such as seaweed salad or treats made with local beach plums and cranberries. Plus, make a craft, listen to a story, go on a guided bird walk, and much more. (All)
  • Join Not Your Average Duck: Discover The Beautiful Ducks Of Fall at Long Pasture in Barnstable and look for eiders, grebes, mergansers, widgeons, and others. (Adult, registration required)
  • It’s also Duckstravaganza! in Concord. Sponsored by Broadmoor in Natick, this outing features visits to several locations in search of buffleheads, pintails, and more. Ten duck species were spotted on last year’s trip! (Adult, registration required)
  • Bring your family and friends for a Big Woods Hike at Ipswich River to discover what is happening in the world of nature as plants and animals prepare for winter. After a two-hour hike, warm up by the wood stove in the Barn with a hot drink or homemade soup. (All, registration required)
  • Take a rare behind-the-scenes look at a wildlife sanctuary with Hidden Habitat in Belmont. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Habitat’s Visitor Center, go on a stroll and discover the location’s hidden history, including a racetrack and an army installation! (Adult, registration required)
  • Make a Holiday Evergreen Wreath at Wachusett Meadow in Princeton. We’ll identify some evergreens and then make a decorative wreath using holly berries, seed pods, greens, and ribbon. (Family, registration required)

For a full listing, visit our online program catalog, where you can register for most of our programs.

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