Weekend Update: June 6-7

Tree SwallowGet ready for a fantastic weekend. We’re offering beautiful bird walks, two native plant sales, a chance to try spinning wool, and more.

        • Saturday is Family Fun Day at Pleasant Valley in Lenox. Enjoy live animal demonstrations, music, talks, guided walks, hands-on craft activities, displays, food, and more—all with a nature theme. (All)
        • Take a fascinating and intimate look at bird behavior with Breeding Birds of Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield. Search for nesting rose-breasted grosbeaks, scarlet tanagers, warblers, bluebirds, and more. (Adult, registration required)
        • Teach your kids what life is like on a farm with Drumlin Farm’s Afternoon Chores and More. You will feed chickens and collect eggs and then bring hay to the sheep, goats, and cows. After we finish up we’ll treat ourselves to a farm fresh snack. (Family, registration required)
        • Hear the bird world awaken with Dawn Chorus at Conte Refuge in Hadley, co-sponsored by the Connecticut River Valley Sanctuaries and the Hampshire Bird Club. Listen with your ears and with the help of technology such as a  parabolic reflector and headphones, recording all bird sounds for possible later study. (All ages)
        • During Felix Neck in Edgartown’s Spinning Wool learn how to make yarn from sheep’s wool and twine from plant fibers, and try using a hand spindle. (Adult, registration required)
        • Experience a fascinating natural phenomenon with Extreme Low Tide Walk: Horseshoe Crab Mating Extravaganza at Long Pasture in Barnstable. Stroll the tidal flats in search of these animals, and encounter other wildlife such as beautiful snails and the egg cases of many different sea creatures. (Family)
        • Have you heard of the Western Greenway, and wondered what and where it is? On a Western Greenway Hike sponsored by Habitat Education Center in Belmont, take a 6.5 mile morning hike along this special regional trail system through parts of Belmont, Lexington, and Waltham. (Adult, registration required)
        • Want to brighten your gardens, provide habitat for birds and butterflies, and support Mass Audubon all at the same time? Stop by North River in Marshfield’s Native Plant Sale and Open House on Sunday and visit Moose Hill in Sharon’s Native Plant Sale on Saturday and Sunday. (All ages)
        • Explore Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester on a Saturday-Morning Bird Walk for Adults. This large urban wildlife sanctuary has an immense variety of avian life. Casual and novice birders will enjoy this outing, which includes pointers on the basics of species identification. (Adult, registration required)

For a full listing, visit our online program catalog, where you can register for most of our programs.

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