Six Native Plants to Grow for Pollinators

One major way to help pollinators thrive—and beautify an outdoor space—is to plant a native pollinator garden. Here are six native plants to grow for pollinators.

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3 thoughts on “Six Native Plants to Grow for Pollinators

  1. zora

    Got inspired by your post on ‘Native Plants to Grow for Pollinators’!
    I am looking for professional design to convert a pristine lawn of 58,000 square feet in the urban part of Brookline into a xeriscaped landscape that would include native plants and invite biodiversity. Could you please make any recommendation?

  2. Christine Busza

    I agree with Vin. I am a timid gardener and like to have full details about starting a new project. Besides the suggestions that Vin makes, I would like some help with making the butterfly garden not only attractive to insects. but also attractive to the human eye! I’d like to plant this garden in the middle of the lawn. What kind of edging would be good? I assume the tallest plants are planted in the middle, the smaller ones in front. Could you please show us detailed pictures of such gardens, or give us the names of books on the subject?

  3. Vin Davulis

    OK, so you provide a list. How about completing by providing information about planting: Sun and soil and water requirements; ongoing care; etc. A simple list is not good enough in my opinion.


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