A young blonde girl with green rainboots and blue gloves. She is standing on a muddy trail.

In Your Words: Phoebe Klein-Taylor

My journey with Mass Audubon has been powerful and inspiring. It began when I was in preschool at Drumlin Farm in 2011. Then I started camp, and most recently, I became a Counselor-in-Training (CIT) at the age of 14.

A teenage girl looking at the camera with long, blonde hair and wearing a denim jacket.
Phoebe Klein-Taylor

Being a nature preschooler gave me a different experience than most of the people I’ve met. Instead of sitting in a classroom all day, I was off exploring the great outdoors. Learning about the environment at a young age implanted its lessons in my brain. So many of the things I’ve done in the 10 years since I was in preschool have revolved around being in nature, and I give credit to Mass Audubon.

One of my favorite memories from preschool was when my class was in the forest learning about trees when a thunderstorm came. After we got indoors, we spent the rest of the day learning about all the benefits of rain. Once it was safe to go outside, we played in puddles until pickup time. This experience made me love storms and the natural world while it’s wet outside. To this day, whenever it is raining, I immediately think of that day and everything I learned.

Another one of my favorite memories from preschool was when we grew strawberries and made strawberry shortcakes. That day our families came in and we all ate our homemade treats together. Gardening is still one of my favorite activities in the spring and summer. I even have a strawberry plant that has been growing in my house for the past few years.

When I left preschool, I stayed involved with Mass Audubon not only because I loved it, but because it was where I felt the most at home. Every year I’ve gone to camp, there have been invested, fun, and kind CITs. Their involvement in the camp session made it even more of an incredible experience. I became a CIT because I love playing and teaching younger kids.

A young blonde girl with green rainboots and blue gloves. She is standing on a muddy trail.
Phoebe, age 4, on the Hayfield Loop at Drumlin Farm

As for the future, I plan on studying environmental sciences, more specifically, marine biology. At my school I am a part of the Climate Awareness Club. In this club we do community service and spread our knowledge of climate change. Being a nature preschooler made me the environmentalist I am today, and I could not be more grateful for the chance I was given.

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