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Blog Roundup

In addition to the Your Great Outdoors blog, Mass Audubon has several other blogs that focus on specific subjects. Here are some of their most recent posts.

Vision Through the Years

When the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) movement was beginning in the early 80s, growers and consumers alike were motivated by the idea that people had lost connection with food production on local farms, and would eagerly embrace the opportunity to visit a farm once per week to pick up a share of the season’s harvest.

Now, almost 40 years later, the newest trend in CSA farming is the weekly home delivery of a boxed share. It’s a measure of farmers’ marketing sense that we continually find ways to increase the appeal of our products, yet it’s possible that in the near future people may again find themselves becoming curious about what it’s like to be on the farm that produces these wonderful boxes of food. Continue reading

The Many Mysteries of the Horseshoe Crab

Whether it’s the basic question, “What is that thing?” to “How have they managed to survive 400 million years?”, horseshoe crabs have always provoked curiosity. Now, with horseshoe crabs declining around the world, the more urgent question is, how can we help them?

Starting in 2000, Wellfleet Bay has been surveying local beaches for horseshoe crabs during spawning season to try to get a handle on local population status and to tag crabs to study their movement patterns. Continue reading

A Closer Look at a Part of the Facilities Master Plan

Throughout the off-season, the Wildwood team has been hard at work developing a facilities master plan for camp based on our own observations and camper and family feedback. It became clear that one area of focus for us will be the expansion of our trails and pathways. Continue reading

Spring has Sprung

Baltimore orioles among the apple blossoms are a sure sign of Spring at Broadmoor. The Old Orchard Trail is the perfect place to find them. Look up. Turkey vultures maybe soaring over the fields. These birds are now nesting in Massachusetts. Continue reading

Weekend Update: Nov 22-25

Kemps Ridley copyright turtlejournal.comTurkey trivia, clam chowder, sea turtles, and sea birds are just a few of the ways you can learn about and enjoy nature with us this weekend.


  • As part of The Best of Home: Nuthatches, Chickadees and New England Clam Chowder, we’ll first, take a brisk walk at North River Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield to see some of our woodsy natives: black-capped chickadee, tufted titmouse, and red and white-breasted nuthatch. Afterward, warm up with some homemade New England Clam Chowder and good company at the caretakers’ cottage. (registration required)
  • Interested in birding but don’t know where to start? Join Ipswich River in Topsfield for Birding for Beginners. In addition to discussing how to choose the right binoculars and what to look for in a field guide, we’ll head out onto the sanctuary and learn what to look and listen for to help identify these beautiful creatures. (registration required)
  • Juvenile sea turtles are found cold-stunned and stranded on Cape Cod Bay beaches every year in November and December. Come with Wellfleet Bay for a Sea Turtle Patrol on a patrol of a local beach to learn about sea turtle biology, behavior, and conservation.
  • Join Oak Knoll in Attleboro for Wild Turkey Talk, a fun filled program about turkeys. We will learn how to identify males from female wild turkeys, how to tell their age, and other interesting facts. Look at and touch turkey artifacts, make a turkey craft, and take a hike on the trail. (registration required)


  • Late November provides an opportunity to enjoy the remaining fall migrants as well as wintering species. On Birding from Nahant to East Boston with Joppa Flats, we will explore hot spots in the northern section of Boston Harbor, to look for sea ducks, loons, grebes,  purple sandpipers, and northern harriers, with possible sightings of black-headed and mew gulls, king eiders, and Barrow’s goldeneyes. (registration required)
  • Moose Hill in Sharon is also giving families a chance to learn some Thanksgiving trivia with their Turkey Trot program. You’ll search for turkey habitats, make a special turkey project that can brighten up your holiday table, and take part in a gobbling contest. (registration required)

For a full listing of programs, visit our online program catalog, where you can now register online for many of our programs.

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