About Hummingbird Moths

Hummingbird clearwing moth © Susan Grimwood

At first sight, it’s easy to mistake a hummingbird moth for a tiny hummingbird.

It feeds on the nectar of flowers, hovering with the body stationary, its transparent wings beating so fast as to be nearly invisible, and a long proboscis protruding beaklike into the blossom. In flight, the wings create a soft buzzing, also like a hummingbird.

One obvious difference between the birds and the moths is size. The ruby-throated hummingbird can be 3” long. Hummingbird moths are much smaller at 1-1/2” long.

Learn more about the two species of hummingbird moths found in Massachusetts, as well as their life cycles and behavior.

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  1. Emily

    There s a song about hummingbird moths, it s called “Bird of the Bee of the Moth” by They Might Be Giants, It is on “The Else” album


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