Session 6 makes for a great week!

Sunny skies plus exciting activities equals smiling campers and staff! It has been an amazing week so far for Session 6 and we still have two full days to go. This week has been full of everything including nature discovery, dips into the swimming area, high and low ropes adventures, and exploration trips on boats across the pond.

So far we have had great programs like the always popular “Jammin’ And Jam” DG where campers collected berries and made their own homemade jam and created some music while their batches of jam cooked. Warm days have also inspired many campers to head down to the waterfront at OATs to relax and play with friends.

On Monday the Heffalumps made an appearance once again! It was up to our intrepid campers to help categorize and learn about them while fending off Mama Lump.

It looks like a great rest of the week here. Two more full days of programming for us to enjoy before the week finishes up. One week sessions just fly by!

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