Session 5

Hello Everyone! We are off and running here at Wildwood – Session 5. In the mornings we are really having a lot of fun in our NGs, followed by some fun DGs and OATs in the afternoon. What do all these acronyms mean? Well, it our way of spelling great camp times!

Our Leaders-in-Action continue to help out all over camp too. Last night they were all helping out with Unit Nights, where each unit chooses something special to do together. They have also been busy all around camp doing fun projects. They are alternating between making a float for Rindge’s 250th Parade and making garden beds all around camp.

Last night was also was bring a letter to dinner night, and letters we got! We’ll be sticking them into the mail tomorrow, so expect to see them sometime soon. Please keep your coming too – we like to keep the local post office busy!

Here are some more pictures from Session 5