Session 2 Part 2

As the week here comes to a close we have lots of fun memories to look back upon. Yesterday was the wackiest day of all! On Thursday we decided to shake up the schedule and the meals. For breakfast we had some tasty ravioli and for dinner we had scrumptious breakfast sandwiches. Instead of having our Discovery Groups in the afternoon we had them in the early evening. It was a fun way to be able to experience dusk in a new way including some outdoor cooking, night hikes and dusk paddles. With the afternoon free, we were able to play an awesome camp-wide game of Nature’s Wrath, a favorite for both campers and staff alike.

This afternoon we are excited for the return of not one but two of our treks. Bike and Beach Trek will be returning after spending the week on the Cape and Nantucket, and High Points will be returning from their two-week trek as they climbed the highest points in New England.

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