Rindge’s 250 Birthday Parade

Wow! What a day it has been for Wildwood. This morning the girls in Fossey and Carson woke up at their campsites at First and Second Point, while the Abbey/Dillard campers were waking up at Monadnock as they prepared to hike the mountain. Thoreau and Leopold campers woke up in their own beds this morning and packed for their overnight after the parade.

Wildwood boarded a bus and drove over to Rindge Town Center to be a part of the parade. Huge Props to the Leaders-in-Action who participated in the parade with a float they created all on their own! The float had trees, a beautiful sign and a Wildwood Campfire.

The Leaders-in-Action were joined by Fossey, Carson, Leopold and Thoreau campers all dressed in their awesome Tie Dyed Wildwood T-shirts as they cheered on the parade participants. On the parade route we saw Oxen, Goats, Bag pipers, Farmers, Fire Trucks and much more. They campers loved it and so did the town of Rindge. The parade participants even gave the campers candy and beautiful flowers. While we were at the parade Abbey and Dillard spent today climbing up Mount Mondanock in Jaffrey.

Thanks Rindge for being such gracious hosts. It was a great day to be in New Hampshire!

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Session 5

Hello Everyone! We are off and running here at Wildwood – Session 5. In the mornings we are really having a lot of fun in our NGs, followed by some fun DGs and OATs in the afternoon. What do all these acronyms mean? Well, it our way of spelling great camp times!

Our Leaders-in-Action continue to help out all over camp too. Last night they were all helping out with Unit Nights, where each unit chooses something special to do together. They have also been busy all around camp doing fun projects. They are alternating between making a float for Rindge’s 250th Parade and making garden beds all around camp.

Last night was also was bring a letter to dinner night, and letters we got! We’ll be sticking them into the mail tomorrow, so expect to see them sometime soon. Please keep your coming too – we like to keep the local post office busy!

Here are some more pictures from Session 5

So Long Session 4. Hello Session 5

Happy Monday night everyone! We have had an awesome first full day of camp here at Wildwood. We were able to get through swim checks quickly and smoothly which meant we could open the waterfront to free swim and boating. On a hot day like today that was exactly where many of our campers wanted to be. Tomorrow we will jump into our second day of Nature Groups in the morning and Discovery Groups in the afternoon. Campers will choose between Archery, Sailing, Mural painting, Flying Squirrel, Underwater Scavenger hunt, Mushroom hunt and Flower Press. With tomorrow being another hot day here at camp we’ll remember to put on lots of sunscreen and drink lots of water.

While we are gearing up for an awesome 2-week session here at camp, we’re taking a moment to look over a few pictures from last week that have not yet been posted. Though just one week, we had a great time with our Session 4 campers.

Below in the gallery you’ll find pictures from Session 5. But if you click here for some more photos from Session 4

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Session 4, 2018

It has been a fantastic session and the largest session yet! We have kept very busy with lots of fun activities. This week we’ve been super silly and crazy as the camp is constantly filled with songs and laughter. A big favorite this week was the Heffalump Hunt that was made possible by the help of the Leaders-in-Action, our oldest campers. The Leaders-in-Action program is the last year of our camper program. These teens are 15-16 years old and entering 11th grade. Many of these campers have been with Wildwood for many years, while others have only spent a few summers with us here at Wildwood. Through this program the teens are able to work as a group of leaders to both support the camp as a whole but also learn personal leadership skills as they work as a team together. You can see through the pictures as they work to overcome “The Wall” and as they dressed up as Heffalumps to create an awesome evening program for our 9-14-year-old campers.

Today is Topsy Turvy Thursday. For Breakfast, we had tasty tortellini and for dinner, we will have pancakes and eggs. In addition to our food being mixed up, so are the programs for the day. Campers began the day with OATs and Free Time: lots of campers had fun on the waterfront and tried out our new Stand-Up Paddle Boards. Right now, the camp is doing our favorite “Nature’s Wrath” game as a whole camp. In a little bit, we will start our DGs (Discovery Groups) and end the day with Nature Groups. It will be awesome to experience and learn about nature at a different time of day.

To see some photos from the last few days of camp click here!

Session 3 Wrap Up

Just like that, 2 weeks have gone by and Session 3 came to a close yesterday. We made lots of friends, we laughed a lot. We made it through the rain and kept it positive. LITs hiked up Mount Greylock, Trekkers climbed Cadillac and Ascutney, and Abbey and Dillard campers hiked up Monadnock. We all got to experience a fun night in tents and camped out during the last session. We all learned more independence and gained confidence. We learned more about nature, Scottish dancing, Camp Songs and much more. We had some leftover pictures from the past few weeks we wanted to share.

Today Session 4 started and we could not be more excited to get to know this new group of campers. They are currently off getting to know each other through team-building activities. Next, they will have unit campfires. A perfect way to end the first day of camp!

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Wildwood Session 3, Week 2

We have been having a fantastic week here at Wildwood. The weather, though not always bright and sunny, is still providing us with plenty of time to be outside having fun. The majority of the days have been humid but nice. The campers have been amused by our 30-second downpours followed by hours of sun. Some of the girls even got to run through a rainbow!

We continue to spend our mornings learning more about nature through our Nature Groups. While some groups are learning about sustainability, other groups are catching dragonflies both in their aquatic state in the water and in the air. In the afternoons, campers have enjoyed the zipline and Leap of Faith at the High Ropes Course, paddling around the pond, and “nature spa” with DIY self-care recipes.

We were sad to see our first session Junior Counselors go home. We had a great time with Jackson, Eleanor, Matt, and Connor over the last month. They gave so much to our camp community and supported the staff and campers alike. On Sunday we greeted our second session of Junior Counselors and we are excited to spend the rest of the summer with them working on our team!

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Session 3, Part 2

It is amazing how fast the last few days have gone this session! Though we were greeted by a thunderstorm and rain, we had a fantastic day. You can see from the pictures as the campers were able to perform skits as we made our own “television channel”. We had episodes about food, news, weather, and even a quiz show. Unit Night was also a huge success! We had Carson in the dining hall decorating cookies and showing off their art skills with chalk on the blacktop. Thoreau was out on the ropes course doing the flying squirrel. Dillard headed to the sandpit for a fun game.

With the weekend fast approaching, we have lots of fun plans ahead. The campers head out on their overnights starting tomorrow afternoon. Abbey and Dillard will head to Mondanock from Friday until Sunday morning, the girls will head out to First and Second Point for their campout on Friday and the boys will head out Saturday afternoon. We can’t wait to set up our tents and sleep under the stars.

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Campers play icebreaker games at the sports field.

Session 3, Week 1

Session 3 is starting strong. Last night, each unit had their own campfire as they began to get to know the other staff and campers in their unit. This morning, we did NGs and this afternoon was spent getting oriented to camp. Campers were able to play some icebreakers in the field, participate in swim checks and have a tour of camp. Though hot, campers were able to get lots of swimming in this afternoon. The LITs spent the afternoon learning all about the mushrooms that can be found around camp.

Tonight campers are playing an all-camp game of Predator-Prey—a favorite here at Wildwood. Tomorrow, we will have another morning of NGs and campers will have their first set of Discovery Groups in the afternoon!

Here are some pictures from the first few days of Session 3!

Campers play icebreaker games at the sports field.

Campers play icebreaker games at the sports field.

Session 2 Part 2

As the week here comes to a close we have lots of fun memories to look back upon. Yesterday was the wackiest day of all! On Thursday we decided to shake up the schedule and the meals. For breakfast we had some tasty ravioli and for dinner we had scrumptious breakfast sandwiches. Instead of having our Discovery Groups in the afternoon we had them in the early evening. It was a fun way to be able to experience dusk in a new way including some outdoor cooking, night hikes and dusk paddles. With the afternoon free, we were able to play an awesome camp-wide game of Nature’s Wrath, a favorite for both campers and staff alike.

This afternoon we are excited for the return of not one but two of our treks. Bike and Beach Trek will be returning after spending the week on the Cape and Nantucket, and High Points will be returning from their two-week trek as they climbed the highest points in New England.

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Wildwood Overnight Camp Session 2

Session 2

Session 2 is getting off to an awesome start! The weather has been beautiful.

The session began with a fun evening activity where the units could all work together. Then right after breakfast on Monday, the campers began their Nature Groups (NGs). NGs are the activities that the campers participate in each morning with their units. The themes for our NGs are Earth Day, Forest Exploration, Aquatic Ecology, Nature Play, and Things with Wings.

After lunch, all the campers took their swim checks, went on a camp tour and did some fun icebreaker games. Yesterday was action-packed, with campers beginning their day with NGs in the morning and Discovery Groups and OATs in the afternoon. They ended their day with Unit Night and s’mores.

Check out the photos from the first few days of Session 2