Session 4, 2018

It has been a fantastic session and the largest session yet! We have kept very busy with lots of fun activities. This week we’ve been super silly and crazy as the camp is constantly filled with songs and laughter. A big favorite this week was the Heffalump Hunt that was made possible by the help of the Leaders-in-Action, our oldest campers. The Leaders-in-Action program is the last year of our camper program. These teens are 15-16 years old and entering 11th grade. Many of these campers have been with Wildwood for many years, while others have only spent a few summers with us here at Wildwood. Through this program the teens are able to work as a group of leaders to both support the camp as a whole but also learn personal leadership skills as they work as a team together. You can see through the pictures as they work to overcome “The Wall” and as they dressed up as Heffalumps to create an awesome evening program for our 9-14-year-old campers.

Today is Topsy Turvy Thursday. For Breakfast, we had tasty tortellini and for dinner, we will have pancakes and eggs. In addition to our food being mixed up, so are the programs for the day. Campers began the day with OATs and Free Time: lots of campers had fun on the waterfront and tried out our new Stand-Up Paddle Boards. Right now, the camp is doing our favorite “Nature’s Wrath” game as a whole camp. In a little bit, we will start our DGs (Discovery Groups) and end the day with Nature Groups. It will be awesome to experience and learn about nature at a different time of day.

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Session 3 Wrap Up

Just like that, 2 weeks have gone by and Session 3 came to a close yesterday. We made lots of friends, we laughed a lot. We made it through the rain and kept it positive. LITs hiked up Mount Greylock, Trekkers climbed Cadillac and Ascutney, and Abbey and Dillard campers hiked up Monadnock. We all got to experience a fun night in tents and camped out during the last session. We all learned more independence and gained confidence. We learned more about nature, Scottish dancing, Camp Songs and much more. We had some leftover pictures from the past few weeks we wanted to share.

Today Session 4 started and we could not be more excited to get to know this new group of campers. They are currently off getting to know each other through team-building activities. Next, they will have unit campfires. A perfect way to end the first day of camp!

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Wildwood Session 3, Week 2

We have been having a fantastic week here at Wildwood. The weather, though not always bright and sunny, is still providing us with plenty of time to be outside having fun. The majority of the days have been humid but nice. The campers have been amused by our 30-second downpours followed by hours of sun. Some of the girls even got to run through a rainbow!

We continue to spend our mornings learning more about nature through our Nature Groups. While some groups are learning about sustainability, other groups are catching dragonflies both in their aquatic state in the water and in the air. In the afternoons, campers have enjoyed the zipline and Leap of Faith at the High Ropes Course, paddling around the pond, and “nature spa” with DIY self-care recipes.

We were sad to see our first session Junior Counselors go home. We had a great time with Jackson, Eleanor, Matt, and Connor over the last month. They gave so much to our camp community and supported the staff and campers alike. On Sunday we greeted our second session of Junior Counselors and we are excited to spend the rest of the summer with them working on our team!

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Session 3, Part 2

It is amazing how fast the last few days have gone this session! Though we were greeted by a thunderstorm and rain, we had a fantastic day. You can see from the pictures as the campers were able to perform skits as we made our own “television channel”. We had episodes about food, news, weather, and even a quiz show. Unit Night was also a huge success! We had Carson in the dining hall decorating cookies and showing off their art skills with chalk on the blacktop. Thoreau was out on the ropes course doing the flying squirrel. Dillard headed to the sandpit for a fun game.

With the weekend fast approaching, we have lots of fun plans ahead. The campers head out on their overnights starting tomorrow afternoon. Abbey and Dillard will head to Mondanock from Friday until Sunday morning, the girls will head out to First and Second Point for their campout on Friday and the boys will head out Saturday afternoon. We can’t wait to set up our tents and sleep under the stars.

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Campers play icebreaker games at the sports field.

Session 3, Week 1

Session 3 is starting strong. Last night, each unit had their own campfire as they began to get to know the other staff and campers in their unit. This morning, we did NGs and this afternoon was spent getting oriented to camp. Campers were able to play some icebreakers in the field, participate in swim checks and have a tour of camp. Though hot, campers were able to get lots of swimming in this afternoon. The LITs spent the afternoon learning all about the mushrooms that can be found around camp.

Tonight campers are playing an all-camp game of Predator-Prey—a favorite here at Wildwood. Tomorrow, we will have another morning of NGs and campers will have their first set of Discovery Groups in the afternoon!

Here are some pictures from the first few days of Session 3!

Campers play icebreaker games at the sports field.

Campers play icebreaker games at the sports field.

Session 2 Part 2

As the week here comes to a close we have lots of fun memories to look back upon. Yesterday was the wackiest day of all! On Thursday we decided to shake up the schedule and the meals. For breakfast we had some tasty ravioli and for dinner we had scrumptious breakfast sandwiches. Instead of having our Discovery Groups in the afternoon we had them in the early evening. It was a fun way to be able to experience dusk in a new way including some outdoor cooking, night hikes and dusk paddles. With the afternoon free, we were able to play an awesome camp-wide game of Nature’s Wrath, a favorite for both campers and staff alike.

This afternoon we are excited for the return of not one but two of our treks. Bike and Beach Trek will be returning after spending the week on the Cape and Nantucket, and High Points will be returning from their two-week trek as they climbed the highest points in New England.

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Wildwood Overnight Camp Session 2

Session 2

Session 2 is getting off to an awesome start! The weather has been beautiful.

The session began with a fun evening activity where the units could all work together. Then right after breakfast on Monday, the campers began their Nature Groups (NGs). NGs are the activities that the campers participate in each morning with their units. The themes for our NGs are Earth Day, Forest Exploration, Aquatic Ecology, Nature Play, and Things with Wings.

After lunch, all the campers took their swim checks, went on a camp tour and did some fun icebreaker games. Yesterday was action-packed, with campers beginning their day with NGs in the morning and Discovery Groups and OATs in the afternoon. They ended their day with Unit Night and s’mores.

Check out the photos from the first few days of Session 2

Session 1 Week 2

Greetings from Wildwood. Though very warm we are having lots of fun here in Rindge! We are filling our days with lots of sunscreen, water, and smiles.

Tonight was “Bring a Letter to Dinner” night, so you should be seeing some mail from your camper in the next couple of days. It is also Unit Night. The campers are all over camp having fun with their units. The younger campers are out on the waterfront having a beach night and the older campers are hiking to First Point and swimming from the beach at that campsite. Everyone will end their night with tasty s’mores.

Over the weekend, 2-week campers were able to go on overnights with their units. LIT embarks on a trip to Mount Greylock today. With a wonderful group of Leaders-in-Training and four terrific Junior Counselors, we’re getting some great support all around camp, including our discovery groups, open activity times, and evening programs.

Some of the favorite camp activities this week have been Scottish Dancing, Stock Market, and Hubbard Gladiators. In Scottish dancing, some of our international staff were able to teach some dances from their home counties. In Hubbard Pond Gladiators, campers were able to search for the biggest and scariest aquatic insect they could find in the ponding area.

Tomorrow we are excited to celebrate the 4th of July with the camp community. We have Nature Groups in the morning and field and water games in the afternoon. I know the campers will love sharing the holiday with our international staff.

We’ll be sure to post pictures of 4th of July and much more in the weeks to come!

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Teens: Get Footloose in the White Mountains This July

Thanks to high demand for our Teen Adventure Trips, we’ve added a second session of our Footloose in the White Mountains trek to this summer’s lineup. Wildwood Teen Adventure Trip Leader Amanda is pumped up and looking for a few more adventurous teens to take on the challenge with them this July. Here’s what’s got her so excited and why you should be too! 

The White Mountains of New Hampshire: A sweet escape for the weekend warriors of Boston; a training ground for the aspiring rock climbers, backpackers, and mountaineers of New England; and home to the sweeping granite ledges of North Conway, the towering cliffs of Franconia Notch State Park, and the steep schist crags of Rumney.

For young adventurers looking to engage with gravity, the Whites are a playground of snowy slopes, swift water, rock faces and rugged trails. Wildwood’s Footloose in the White Mountains Teen Adventure Trip challenges teens to discover their potential for the skills and movement of outdoor rock climbing and backpacking in some of the most beautiful areas in the Northeast.

Footloose in the White Mountains Teen Trek Rock Climbing

About Trip Leader Amanda

I have spent the past 11 summers at Wildwood in a variety of programs, as a Camper, a Leader-in-Training, a Junior Counselor, a full-fledged Counselor, and a Unit Leader, but some of my most unique camp experiences came out of the three summers I spent as a Trekker. Footloose in the White Mountains was my very first trek.

Not only did the Footloose trek increase my confidence and self-reliance in the outdoors through hands-on skill-building experiences, it also introduced me to the sport of outdoor rock climbing, something I am still passionate about. I am so excited to be on the other side of things on this trek, creating similarly awesome experiences and memories for this year’s Footloose trekkers!


Hey parents, if rock climbing sounds a little scary to you, that’s okay! Let us address a few common concerns:

A teen rappels down a cliff face on a Teen Adventure Trip

Will they be wearing helmets?

YES, they will always be wearing helmets (and harnesses) while rock climbing. We love brain-buckets and safety is a top priority for us. Trekkers always stay a body-length or more away from cliff edges.

What if they lose their grip while climbing?

The style of climbing our trekkers engage in is called “top-roping”: The rope runs from the tied-in climber up to an anchor at the top of the climb, then back down to the belayer. As the trekker climbs, the belayer takes in slack. This means that your child will never fall more than a foot or two, whether they are eight feet off the ground or eighty. Before we get started, we’ll spend a few days with professional rock-climbing guides to literally learn the ropes.

What if it’s too hard for my Trekker?

The rocks in Rumney offer options for just about everybody, with hundreds of routes of varying steepness and features. Trekkers will be able to try a range of techniques, including practicing rope skills on the ground, experimenting with movement on rock, and pushing their limits on steeper terrain. All of the climbing is challenge-by-choice, so if they don’t want to do something, they don’t have to. But we bet they will.

What’s the Biggest Payoff of the Footloose Trek?

This trek is an incredible skill and confidence-building experience for kids with all kinds of backgrounds. They WILL find something that they’ll have fun on, we guarantee it. Rocks are too cool not to be fun!

Send your teen our way and we’ll show ’em just how fun climbing and backpacking can be!

To learn more and sign your teen up for the adventure of a lifetime, visit our website



Summer 2018 Wildwood Staff

Session 1 Update 1

Summer 2018 Wildwood Staff

Summer 2018 Wildwood Staff ready to greet campers for the first session of the season.

Wildwood Camp is off to a great start!  Our first evening was a success with a s’more treasure hunt and campfires at individual units.

New morning programming this summer includes Nature Groups. In these blocks, campers have been exploring the wonders of Wildwood in a whole new way. Our youngest campers in the Forest Group hit the ground running with tree identification and discussions about how trees move food up and down their trunks and branches. Earth Day Group campers have been talking about stewardship of our natural environment.

Unit staff got creative during Tuesday’s Unit Night with fun activities such as Capture the Flag in the sand pits, adjacent birthday and beach parties, and Olympics and soccer on the activity field. Unit nights are a great opportunity for campers to bond with their age groups.

Wednesday evening brought a downpour of rain which resulted in an amazing indoor evening program of “grab bag” improv storytelling.  We’ll admit, campers had so much fun they got to bed a little late last night. 

We are happy to report that while the rain continues, our spirits have not dampened and camp programming carries on with creativity and zest.

Expect camper photos soon—we had technical difficulties with the blog this week and we really appreciate everyone’s patience as new staff learn the ropes and work out the kinks in our processes. Rest assured that everyone is having a blast!