Banding Station Continues to Reveal Special Birds

“Why band birds? Can’t you detect bird species without capturing them?” These are questions I have been asked several times. As a researcher, I’ve worked on a variety of projects involving both banding as well as point count surveys, which are conducted by standing at a fixed point and counting all of the individual birds […]

What We Learn from Bird Banding: Fall 2016

Now that fall migration bird banding is under way, our banding demonstrations have resumed at 8 a.m. on Wednesday and Friday mornings through October. Seeing wild birds so close is an unforgettable experience. But what can you learn by watching banders at work? Banding, a basic and time-tested form of bird research, collects data that tracks […]

Wellfleet Bay Volunteer Has Catbird’s Seat at Banding Station

As any new birder knows, identifying birds beyond the backyard regulars can be frustratingly slow-going. But volunteer Mary Lou Heintz was determined to learn her birds. An avid fan of all things outdoors, she took an intensive weekend course in bird banding when she lived in Connecticut. A year ago, Mary Lou moved to Harwich and wanted a […]

Revisiting Spring: A Report on Bird Banding in April and May 2015

What are the birds of Wellfleet Bay up to in springtime? We won’t have a clear picture for awhile, but we are slowly gaining information. In a just released report, master bander and wildlife biologist James Junda provides a range of data on the birds banded and re-captured between April and May. Bird banding, a fundamental tool of bird research, requires […]

Bird Banding: Looking Back on Fall, Looking Forward to Spring

  It won’t be long before the mist nets are up again here at the sanctuary and our bird banding team returns to record the streams of birds that pass over Wellfleet Bay in April, May and June. In his final report on the fall 2014 migration, master bander and wildlife biologist James Junda  notes there was […]

Banding Station Offers Rare Views of Birds

  Wellfleet Bay returned to its roots this past month with the re-introduction of bird banding, something that was done very actively here by the Austin family from the 1920’s through much of the 1950’s before the property was acquired by Mass Audubon. The banding is being conducted by licensed master bander and wildlife biologist James Junda and […]