Crops Update Vol. 11

by Drumlin Farm Crops Manager Matt Celona

More Volunteers, More Helping Hands

Volunteers from Global Atlantic Financial Group came eager to work. The oat straw mulch in our tomatoes, advertised as clean and seed-free, has been sprouting oats that limit air flow and compete with our plants for nutrients and light. The Global Atlantic volunteers pulled up all the green oats and laid it down as more mulch, they then harvested and helped lay out the entire Bridger onion crop currently curing in the greenhouse, they then weeded carrots before harvesting over 500 pounds of potatoes—all in a little over two hours! Thanks so much for the great help.

Interested in Volunteering?

Sign up for one of three weekly volunteer sessions—Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday afternoons from 1:30–4. We have been getting great help during these open sessions—many high school students completing their community service requirements and even some master gardeners. If none of these times work for you, email Matt at [email protected].

Two Fridays ago the team was pleased to have the help of Sanctuary Director Renata Pomponi during the market harvest. Renata picked corn, bunched and topped carrots, and helped out in the wash station cleaning and packing veggies. Thanks, Renata!

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