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6 Date Night Ideas at Drumlin Farm

Photo by Ian Maclellan

Move over, Dinner and a Movie. We’ve got date nights that’ll make anyone swoon.

1. August 18: Summer Concert with Lula Wiles

Even the classic picnic dinner doesn’t stand a chance. Bring your romantic meal with you and chill out on the hill while Lula Wiles does the serenading for you.

2. September 6: Full Moon Yoga and Campfire at the Farm

Your post-namaste treat? S’mores, duh.

3. September 8: Friday Evening Hayride and Campfire

Yes, you’ll be sharing your date night with some families and kiddos, but if you’re a kid-at-heart, this is a cute way to spend your Friday evening with that special someone. Because s’mores.

4. September 19: Wild Edibles Walk

Scribble down notes as Russ Cohen shows you allofthethings you didn’t know you could eat. Then munch on snacks he’s prepared, like stinging nettle fritters, Japanese knotweed crumble, and black walnut bars. Stop at Lincoln Kitchen for dinner afterward.

5. September 23: Moon Over Drumlin

Tastings from award-winning Boston chefs, guest appearances from our animal ambassadors, and wine. Lots of wine.

6. Flowers from the Market

OK. It’s not really a date night. And it’s not at the farm. But every Saturday, we’re at the Union Square Farmers Market slinging gorgeous bouquets. And bonus for all you single folks: Treat. Yo. Self.

5 Things To Do at Drumlin Farm (a.k.a. Your Summer Warm-up)

School is nearly out. Are you ready?

Here’s what you can do between now and next weekend to get used to the summer vibe:

1. Milk a cow at Dairy Day tomorrow, June 3. It’s our last one. Don’t miss it!

2. Get your kids to waddle like a duck and catch the pond treats these web-footed quackers love to munch.

3. Snatch one of the last Summer CSA shares, which starts up June 14. Before you know it, it’ll be late summer and you’ll have so many cherry heirloom tomatoes you’ll be eating them like popcorn.

4. Make sweet honey mead with our beekeeper Mel Gadd next Sunday. Hive-to-bottle is a thing, right?

5. Uh oh. Father’s Day is just around the corner. Whether he’s a birder or not, send him to the Rhode Island coast for a birding trip he’ll be talking about for years.

4 Things To Do at Drumlin Farm This Week

1. Celebrate our last Dairy Day ever! We’re sad to say farewell, but we’re even more excited to introduce new events and programs we’re sure you’ll love.

2. Your kids might know of one Queen Bey. But do they know about the original Queen Bee? It’s time they learned about the real queen of the hive.

3. Visit the farm on Memorial Day—We’ll be open and ready for all of you puddle-hoppers!

4. See if you can spot young offspring during our birding excursion: Great Blue Heron Rookery.

Check out all of our summer programs >


8 Drumlin Farmy Things to Do Now That It’s Finally Nice Out.

We’ve encouraged you to “get outside even though the weather is really nasty” for a few weeks now.

It’s been hard. You probably haven’t listened. We get it.

But now you don’t have any excuses. So get out there.

1. Get to a patio and eat Drumlin Farm veggies. Did you know that we wholesale to restaurants in Cambridge and Somerville? Now you do.

2. Take a tour around the farm with Discover Hidden Treasures. This free tour will loop around Boyce Field and finish with an up-close encounter with an American kestrel.

3. Forage around the farm with Russ Cohen, author of Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten. He’ll bring a bunch of treats made with herbs, nuts, and flowers you can easily find in your neighborhood (if you know where to look).

4. After learning about the mega machines that help our farmers do their job, take a hayride during Trucks, Tractors, and Tools.

5. Stop at the Audubon Shop for much-needed ice cream.

6. Keep cool along some of our wooded trails like the Beeline Trail, where you can see our deer chilling out just like you.

7. Visit our egg mobiles in Boyce Field, where the chickens are eating bugs and providing nutritious fertilizer for the next round of crops.

8. Hit up Union Square Farmer’s Market, which just started back up last week. There you’ll find our produce, as well as treats from other local vendors. And walk down the block to Union Square Donuts while you’re at it.

7 Things To Do at Drumlin Farm: May 12–19

Katrin Roush

Don’t let this weekend’s grey skies block your view of what looks to be a spring-tastic forecast for next week. We have things for you to do while you’re staying cozy at home (Especially on Sunday. Yikes.) and when you finally emerge next week.

7 Things to Do at Drumlin Farm this Week

1. As you watch the rain (and favorite Netflix/HBO/Amazon/Hulu series) plan ahead for our Summer Concert Series. With Katrin Roush, Damn Tall Buildings, and Lula Wiles lined up to play at the farm this summer, tickets are sure to sell fast!

2. While you’re multitasking, sign up for our Summer CSA. Here’s the math on that: $33.75 per week for enough sustainably farmed veggies to feed a family of four. Take that, Whole Paycheck.

3. Be a farmer for a day and learn how we keep our livestock happy in this family favorite: Afternoon Chores and More. Pro tip: Bring rain gear and be prepared to puddle hop.

4. Take advantage of the first sunny, warm day in who-knows-how-long during our Tuesday Evening Birding excursion. It starts at 5:30, so chances are the sunset will be epic.

5. Meet our new kids! They. Are. So. Cute.

6. Fact: Spring allergies are a drag. Fact: There are herbs that can help. Take our Aromatherapy & Tinctures class and blend your own essential oils to fight the itchy eyes and sniffles.

7. Fingers crossed that the sunshine holds up through next Friday, because our first Friday Evening Hayride and Campfire is at 4:00! If you can’t make it by 4:00, there’s another one at 6:00.

10 Things To Do at Drumlin Farm: May 5–12

It’s going to be rainy and cloudy for a while. We think that’s the perfect excuse to get outside—mostly because you will be among the brave few hitting the trails. And tranquility outdoors is always a plus.

Here are 10 ways you can avoid cabin fever in the next week:

1. Brave the rain and walk to the top of the drumlin, one of the highest points in the Greater Boston Area.

2. Get a dose of Drumlin Farm Camp a little early at Camp Day.

3. Head to Boyce Field and see our summer crops beginning to emerge.

4. Take a walk with Ted Elliman, writer of Wildflowers of Massachusetts.

5. Get going on Mother’s Day gifts at The Audubon Shop.

6. Puddle hop your way to New England Wildlife Explorations, where you’ll find our Wildlife Wall and majestic fox.

7. Visit our Farm Stand for wool skeins and soaps. And pick up some breakfast sausage and eggs while you’re at it (perfect for Mother’s Day Brunch, ahem ahem).

8. Birds aren’t only active in the morning! Explore Concord during Tuesday Evening Birding.

9. Bring your young birders to I’m A Little Birdwatcher and get them started on birding basics early.

10. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our big farm equipment at Trucks, Tractors, and Tools.

Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: April 7–14

Now that you’ve had a chance to stay cozy all winter long, it’s time to get out there and explore the changing seasons. So put your hot cocoa back in the cabinet and take a look at our programs coming up this week.

Friday, April 7

Froggy Night Walk | Family | 7 pm
Spring is the time for the evening froggy chorus – who makes that peep-peep-peep? Who has that banjo twang? We’ll take a stroll listening and looking for these nighttime singers.

Saturday, April 8

Birding Basics Field Trip | Adult | 8 am
A fantastic introduction to all of our spring birding programs.

Teen Birders: Eyes on Birds | Teen | 9 am
Learn about bird photography and cover the basics of birding as we get ready for spring migration season.

Sourdough Bread Making | Adult | 1 pm
Learn the age old tradition of sourdough bread making in this hands-on workshop.

Wednesday, April 12

Frog Prince | Family | 3:30 pm
Join us as we tell the tale of The Frog Prince and search ponds and pools for amphibian royalty.

Thursday, April 13

Thursday Morning Bird Walk | Adult | Time TBD
Join us as we explore Drumlin Farm and other local hotspots in search of late-winter and early spring birds. Call 781-259-2200, ext. BIRD (2473) the Wednesday before each program for a recorded listing of the exact time and location

For all of our upcoming programs, visit


Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: February 10–17

We at the farm love this time of year. The farmyard is tranquil during the day, but meanwhile, we’re cooking up classes and workshops for folks of all ages to enjoy everything that New England’s nature has to offer.

We have programs nearly every day this week, so we hope you can make it to at least one!

Friday, February 10

Own Moon | Family | 7 pm
Search for wild owls by the light of February’s “Owl Moon,” then warm up inside and enjoy a visit from one of our resident owls. Listen to the beloved Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.

Saturday, February 11

Backyard Sugaring | Adult | 9 am
Turn your backyard trees into syrup producers! Join us to learn how to make your own syrup.

Teen Birders: South Shore Hotspots | Teen | 9 am
Cumberland Fields, Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, and Duxbury Beach are some of the locations we will visit in our search to find rough legged hawks, canvasbacks, snow buntings, purple sandpipers, and many more.

Wonders of Wool: Needle Felting | Adult | 1 pm
This introductory class will familiarize you with basic needle felting tools and techniques. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you catch on as you create and personalize a felted creation of your own!

Sunday, February 12

In Search of Winter Raptors | Adult | 9 am
We will explore the Merrimack River, Plum Island, and Salisbury State Park. We will take time to closely observe these raptors and discuss the adaptations that allow them to survive winter.

Chickadee Birders: Songbirds | Family | 1 pm
Songbirds are unique because of their beautiful melodies and delightful colors. In this class you will meet some of Drumlin’s resident songbirds such as a cedar waxwing and a blue jay.

Wildlife Biologist Club | Teen | 1 pm
Explore habitats and ecosystems at Drumlin Farm and around the state while learning about native wildlife. Sign up for the remaining four sessions at a pro-rated cost!

Tuesday, February 14

Owl Always Love Ewe | Family | 3:30 pm
It’s Valentine’s Day! What would Ewe want? Let’s visit with the sheep and make some wooly valentines. Perhaps Owl could teach us a love song to woo someone special.

Wednesday, February 15

Winter Wonders: Have a Cow | Family | 11 am
Explore the farm and sanctuary in winter!

Fermented Beverages: Kombucha, Shrubs, and More | Adults | 6:30 pm
This class will focus on non-alcoholic fermentation with a particular focus on fermented teas, which have been a staple in many cultures for over 2,000 years.

For all of our upcoming programs, visit

Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: February 3–10

With Ms. G’s forecast behind us, it’s time to look ahead! After all, what’s winter in New England without maple sugaring and woolly adventures?

Take a look at what’s in store:

Friday, February 3

Stew and Brew | Adults | 6:30 pm
Feast on hearty stews made with Drumlin Farm meat and produce (including a vegetarian option!) as you imbibe on local brews from Rapscallion, Jack’s Abby, and Peak Organic.

Wednesday, February 8

Winter Wonders: Winter Coats | Family | 11 am
Feed hay to the sheep with their fluffy winter coats!

Thursday, February 9

Pigs and Blankets | Family | 10 am
We will explore pigs and blankets, taking care of the sheep as well and make a wee little blanket to take home.

In Search of Winter Raptors: Lecture | Adult | 7 pm
The lecture will cover physical and behavioral traits to help us identify hawks and owls. On the field trip, we will explore the Merrimack River, Plum Island, and Salisbury State Park.

Friday, February 10

Own Moon | Family | 7 pm
Search for wild owls by the light of February’s “Owl Moon,” then warm up inside and enjoy a visit from one of our resident owls. Listen to the beloved Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.

For all of our upcoming programs, visit

Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: January 27–February 3


Cold days are coming!

Here’s your plan of attack: 1) Treat the kids to outdoor adventures. 2) Watch Ms. G deliver her 10th prognostication. 3) Treat yourself to a hearty meal (and brews!) by the fire to round out the week.

Sounds nice, right? Here’s what we have for you to choose from:

Saturday, January 28

Teen Birders: Super Bowl of Birding | Teens | 7 am
Compete to find the greatest number of species and to earn the greatest number of points based on the rarity of the birds recorded in 12 hours!

Simple Cheese Making | Adults | 12 pm
Sample homemade cheeses while learning the skills you need to make your own cheese at home!

Wednesday, February 1

Winter Wonders: Red Barn | Family | 11 am
Explore the farm and sanctuary in winter! Feed our livestock, search for eggs, and follow tracks in the mud!

Thursday, February 2

Groundhog Day | All ages| 10 am
Will Ms. G the groundhog predict an extended winter, or an early spring? Help our famous groundhog decipher the weather clues and deliver her 10th forecast!

Friday, February 3

Stew and Brew | Adults | 6:30 pm
Feast on hearty stews made with Drumlin Farm meat and produce (including a vegetarian option!) as you imbibe on local brews from Rapscallion, Jack’s Abby, and Peak Organic.

For all of our upcoming programs, visit