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Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: January 27–February 3


Cold days are coming!

Here’s your plan of attack: 1) Treat the kids to outdoor adventures. 2) Watch Ms. G deliver her 10th prognostication. 3) Treat yourself to a hearty meal (and brews!) by the fire to round out the week.

Sounds nice, right? Here’s what we have for you to choose from:

Saturday, January 28

Teen Birders: Super Bowl of Birding | Teens | 7 am
Compete to find the greatest number of species and to earn the greatest number of points based on the rarity of the birds recorded in 12 hours!

Simple Cheese Making | Adults | 12 pm
Sample homemade cheeses while learning the skills you need to make your own cheese at home!

Wednesday, February 1

Winter Wonders: Red Barn | Family | 11 am
Explore the farm and sanctuary in winter! Feed our livestock, search for eggs, and follow tracks in the mud!

Thursday, February 2

Groundhog Day | All ages| 10 am
Will Ms. G the groundhog predict an extended winter, or an early spring? Help our famous groundhog decipher the weather clues and deliver her 10th forecast!

Friday, February 3

Stew and Brew | Adults | 6:30 pm
Feast on hearty stews made with Drumlin Farm meat and produce (including a vegetarian option!) as you imbibe on local brews from Rapscallion, Jack’s Abby, and Peak Organic.

For all of our upcoming programs, visit

Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: January 20–27

When the winter weather really starts to settle in, it’s tough for anyone to want to get outside and explore. Frozen toes, layer upon layer, and chattering teeth all start to take a toll.

Trust us, we know how you feel. That’s why our upcoming programs offer just the right amount of outdoor exposure and indoor coziness to get you in the mood for winter.

Friday, January 20

Wild by the Fire | Family | 3:30 pm
Meet furry and feathered creatures and learn how they survive in the snow. We’ll make a sweet treat for the birds and warm up with cocoa and cookies. Winter days are dark and cold, but it’s cozy by the fire!

Saturday, January 21

Sourdough Bread Making | Adults | 1 pm
Learn the age-old tradition of sourdough bread making in this hands-on workshop. Practice each step of the bread making process as we mix, knead, and shape bakery-quality loaves to taste and take home.

Chickadee Birders | Family | 6:30 pm
We’ll hike through the woods in search of owls that live in the habitats of our sanctuary—great-horned, barred, and screech. Afterwards, we’ll move indoors for a close look at our resident owls of the same species.

Tuesday, January 24

Kids in the Kitchen | Family | 10 am
Harvest ripe vegetables from the garden and cook up tasty treats. We’ll collect eggs from our chickens for baking projects and chop veggies from the garden or root cellar to make a variety of dishes.

Wednesday, January 25

Winter Wonders: Who’s Sleepy? | Family | 11 am
Explore the farm and sanctuary in winter! Feed hay to the sheep with their fluffy winter coats. Follow tracks in the snowy fields to see where they go. Make a winter “tweet” for the birds and meet native wildlife.

Thursday, January 26

On the Rise! | Family | 10 am
Mix, knead, and shape your dough for delicious country oat bread. While it rises and bakes, we’ll make butter to spread on your warm, oven-fresh bread.

For all of our upcoming programs, visit

Drumlin Farm 2017 Resolution Guide

Photo by Ian MacLellelan

Photo by Ian MacLellelan

Happy New Year from all of us at Drumlin Farm! With the holidays behind us, our staff is ready and eager to get back into the swing of things! Keep an eye out for our spring and summer programs coming your way (Teaser: concerts, yoga, and all of your favorites!).

In the meantime…

Did you make a few resolutions? We have some programs that might help:


“I want to cook more at home.”

Winter Fermentation
Sourdough Bread Making
Fermented Beverages: Kombucha, Shrubs, and More


“I’d love to spend more quality time with my kids/grandkids.”

Kids in the Kitchen
Winter Farm Family
Winter Wonders: Red Barn


“I want to learn a new skill.”

Wonders of Wool: Needle Felting
Backyard Chickens
Beekeeping for Beginners

Darcy Duke

Photo by Darcy Duke

“I want to work off those holiday cookies while also learning about nature.”

Naturalist Walk
In Search of Winter Raptors: Field Trip
Alaska Birding Trips


“I just want to eat, drink, and be merry!”

Stew and Brew
Sausage Making and Beer Tasting with Aeronaut Brewing Co.

Embrace Winter with These Upcoming Drumlin Farm Programs

chickensDecember crept up on us, didn’t it? Seems like only yesterday our staff was closing another successful summer camp season and the fields were at their most fruitful.

Now we’re busy preparing for what we hope will be our most exciting year yet! Our staff is hard at work creating new workshops, programs, and community events for the spring and summer of 2017. We can’t wait to share them with you!

In the meantime, to get you in the holiday spirit, here are our upcoming winter programs:

Saturday, December 3

Teen Birders: Bird Anatomy | Teens | 9 am
In this science-based discovery class, we’ll dissect birds that we have collected on our state salvage permit and learn about their anatomy. Make new bird educational kits while learning a bit about preserving and taxidermy.

Tuesday, December 6

How Plants Get Around | Adults | 12:30 pm
Discover the many ways ferns, other herbaceous plants, and trees use wind, water, animals, and other partners to disperse their seed and fruit.

Wednesday, December 14

Eat Your Roots | Adults| 5:30 pm
Winter CSA shares are filled with hearty veggies! Need some inspiration? We’ll cook (and eat) our way through new and creative recipes focused on squash, root vegetables, and winter greens.

Saturday, December 17

Naturalist Walk | Adults | 1 pm
These excursions will focus on observing, exploring, and appreciating the world around us. Registration is not required to attend.

Afternoon Chores and More | Ages 4–12 | 3:30 pm
It’s chore time! We will feed chickens and collect eggs, then bring hay to the sheep, goats, and cows. Then we’ll treat ourselves to a farm-fresh snack.

For all of our upcoming programs, visit

5 Ways to Experience Fall at Drumlin Farm

Happy first day of fall! We apologize to summer-lovers, but here at the farm, fall is one of our favorite seasons. Maple trees throughout the farmyard are already starting to turn, farmers are harvesting pumpkins, and fall migrants are making their way through New England.

With so much going on this time of year, it can be tough to figure out the best way to take advantage of the precious weeks ahead!

Here are a few ways you can experience fall at the farm:

1. Explore Drumlin Farm Behind the Scenes

What happens to our ecosystem during the fall? What are the links between building rich soil and eating well? How can you hone your farm-to-table chef skills? Maybe your kids are thinking about ways they can give back through a 4-H program.

Sign up for our upcoming series programs to experience what farm life is all about!

2. Feast on Wood-Fired Pizza


The best of our early fall harvest in the form of snacks, drinks, salads, pizza, and dessert. Need we say more?

3. Take a Walk Outside with Baby


If you love talking walks with your little one, this program is for you. Explore our trails with your baby snuggled up against you as you learn about New England wildlife.

4. Sip Spider Cider


What’s spider cider? Find out at Tales of the Night on October 27 and 28!

5. Explore the Farm at Night


Warning: Teens only! Teen Night gives nature-lovers the chance to stargaze with unobstructed views on our drumlin, gobble up s’mores, and play music by the fireside.

Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: June 17–24


Our strawberry yield has been low this year, due in large part to last year’s drought. Strawberries by the pint are still available at the farm stand, however, so feel free to stop by on your way out!

Don’t worry: The farm is still open this Saturday, June 18, when Strawberry Day was originally scheduled. Forecast calls for beautiful sunny weather!

Take a look at even more classes and workshops we have coming up:

Friday, June 17

Friday Evening Hayride and Campfire
4:30 and 6:30 pm | All ages
Join us for a hayride as spring moves into summer. Watch for birds flying at dusk and evening fireflies before stopping at our campfire for stories, s’mores, and a special nighttime visitor.

Saturday, June 18


Landscapes for Beauty and Wildlife
9:30 am–12 pm | Adults
This program will cover beneficial and beautiful native shrubs, perennials, grasses and trees and how to utilize them in your landscape to enhance the habitat value of your yard.

Naturalist Walk
1–3:30 pm | Adults
These excursions will focus on observing, exploring and appreciating the world around us. Registration not required.

Afternoon Chores and More
3:30–5 pm | Ages 4–12 w/Adult
It’s chore time! We will feed chickens and collect eggs, then bring hay to the sheep, goats, and cows. After we finish up we’ll treat ourselves to a farm-fresh snack.

Friday, June 24

Fairies and Fireflies
8–9:30 pm | Ages 4–10 w/Adult
Join us to hear stories of fairy antics,  make a special herbal charm for protection. Then explore the sanctuary for signs of fairies and fireflies dancing in the meadow grasses.

See our full program catalog

Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: May 6–13


May is prime time for birding both around the farm and throughout Massachusetts (hence why we have Bird-a-thon this month). Keep an eye out for rare migratory birds!

As always, you can take a look at our online catalog for what’s happening beyond this week.

Friday, May 6

Birding Mount Auburn Cemetery
7–10 am | Adults
Ever since Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge was established in 1831 it has been a “migrant magnet.” Today it is one of the 79 Important Bird Areas in Massachusetts.

Trucks, Tractors, and Tools (Waitlist only)
3:30–5 pm | All ages w/Adult
Join us as we search for trucks, tractors, and tools and witness the important jobs they help us do.

Teen Birders: Warbler Rambler Overnight
Friday, May 6 at 7 pm–Saturday, May 7 at noon | Teens
Spring is the time to see warblers!  Spend the night at Drumlin Farm (camping equipment provided) to learn more about warbler and other spring migrants.

Saturday, May 7

Teen Adventure: Coastal Exploration
10 am–1 pm | Teens
Head up to the Cape Ann Peninsula to explore tide pools and see waves crashing on the rugged coastline of Halibut Point State Park.


Cheesemaking: The Next Level
12–4 pm | Adults
We will explore methods of creating delicious aged cheeses with relatively little equipment and fuss.

Sunday, May 8

Bird-a-thon at Mount Auburn Cemetery
7–11 am | Adults
This morning of birding is offered as part of our annual Bird-a-thon fundraiser. Celebrate the wonders of migratory birds and contribute to their protection at the same time!

Tuesday, May 10

There’s a Goat in the Garden (Waitlist)
3:30–5 pm | Ages 2+ w/Adult
Join us as we act out this funny folk tale and try to figure out how to keep the garden growing.

Wednesday, May 11

Birding by Ear Workshop: Forest and Woodlands
7–9 pm | Adults
This three-part workshop will include two indoor sessions and a field trip to learn birding by ear techniques and hone your auditory skills.

Thursday, May 12

Thursday Morning Bird Walk
7:30–10:30 am | Adults
Call 781-259-2200, ext. BIRD (2473) the Wednesday before each program for a recorded listing of the exact time and location of each walk.

Some Bunny Loves You
10–11:30 am | All ages w/Adult
Have an up-close visit with a Drumlin Farm rabbit! Explore rabbit hiding places around the sanctuary, and plant a rabbit treat.

Friday, May 13

Pigs and Potatoes (Waitlist)
3:30–5 pm | Ages 2+ w/Adult
Let’s see if we can get our pigs to dig for potatoes! Join us for some digging, planting, and pigging out.

Clark University Volunteers Experience Farm Life at Woolapalooza

Our special events wouldn’t be possible without our enthusiastic volunteers. In order to ensure that all of our visitors have a wonderful time, we need volunteers who can help out with arts and crafts, food, and anything else that might be happening on that day.

What’s it like to volunteer at one of our events? At Woolapalooza, which took place this past March, volunteers from Clark University helped out along our Sheep-to-Sweater trail, where hundreds of visitors learned how wool is used for textiles!

We had the chance to speak with Lizzie, Grant, Kendrick, Azal, and Olivia (who had never been to Drumlin Farm until Woolapalooza!) about their experience.

What made you want to volunteer?

volunteer2Olivia: We all shared a common desire to have our volunteer project be outdoors and more hands-on. We also love to work with children and being in nature, so this opportunity seemed just right. It also gave us a chance to explore off-campus and make connections while contributing to the community!

What was your favorite moment?

Lizzie: Receiving news that lamb triplets were born and watching children run over to see them! I also enjoyed the look of fascination on their faces when they learned about carding and washing.

volunteer1Grant: When the same kid, who really enjoyed our station, returned three times throughout the day just to watch us do it again and to do it himself. He got so much excitement out of it!

Which activity did you like the most?

Azal: Everything was awesome! As a person living an urban lifestyle, going to this event was refreshing. I hope more of the younger generations would volunteer their time or just visit farms to explore new things in life and have fun outside in nature!

Kendrick: I loved the food at Woolapalooza! The lamb chili was the best I’ve ever had in my life.

Thank you to our volunteers who made Woolapalooza so special this year!

If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Pam Sowizral at 781-259-2205 or by email.

Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: March 11–18

nature play drumlin pine needles fly

We hope you’re enjoying this mild winter! It looks like this Friday to Friday will be a busy week. As our spring programs really get going in the next month, remember that it’s always good to sign up early. Visit our online program catalog so you can sign up before they fill up!

Friday, March 11

Chicken Dance Party (Waitlist only)
3:30–5 pm | All ages w/adult
Come and dance along with the chickens.  We’ll do the Rooster Rhumba, Barred Rock Ballet, and Chickie-Chickie Cha-Cha when we visit the Poultry House and take care of the chickens. It will be an egg-citing time!

Saturday, March 12


Teen Birders: South Shore Hotspots
9 am–1 pm | Ages 12–16
Cumberland Fields, Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary and Duxbury Beach are some of the locations we will visit in our search to find rough legged hawks, canvasback, snow bunting, purple sandpiper, and many more species.

Sap-to-Syrup Farmer’s Breakfast (Filling up fast!)
9 am–1 pm | All ages
As the maple sugaring season comes to a close, enjoy the results of our farmers’ hard work. Featuring local maple syrup, Drumlin Farm breakfast sausages and home fries, and (of course) hearty pancakes.

Simple Cheesemaking (Waitlist only)
12–4 pm | Adult
We will make and sample several different cheeses, including yogurt cheeses, paneer, mozzarella, and fresh goat cheese.

Sunday, March 13


Kill Your Lawn
9 am–3 pm | Adult
Learn why you should “kill your lawn” and how to replace it with environmentally friendly native plantings.


Sap-to-Syrup Farmer’s Breakfast (Filling up fast!)
9 am–1 pm | All ages

Tuesday, March 15

Maple Moo (Waitlist only)
3:30–5 pm | Ages 2+ w/adult
Let’s milk the cow, then check to see if the sap is running through the maple trees. What might happen when maple meets milk? A Maple Moo Mix-Up might be delicious!

Thursday, March 17

St. Patty’s Party (Waitlist only)
10–11:30 am | All ages w/adult
We’ll plant shamrocks, greet a snake, and enjoy delicious colcannon and boxty—traditional Irish potato treats. Perhaps we’ll even dance a jig or two!

Many of our programs fill up early! Visit our program catalog to find future programs with more availability.

Drumlin Farm Friday to Friday: March 4–11

Happy March! Our spring programming is in full swing starting today, and we are so excited to share the farm with all of you as the weather heats up.


Just in case you haven’t been to the farm in a while, here’s just a taste of what’s going on:

  1. Lambing season is set to start as early as next week! Stop by and see the adorable newborns.
  2. Farmers have received and sorted this year’s summer seeds (and already planted some seedlings).
  3. New England Wildlife Explorations (located where the Drumlin Underground used to be) is under construction. We’re hoping to unveil this new, interactive exhibit in June, 2016.

And for those of you in search of an enriching educational program, check out what’s coming up from Friday to Friday:

Friday, March 4

Maple Magic (Waitlist only)
3:30–5 pm | All ages w/adult
It’s maple sugaring time! Visit the maple grove to check out the taps and taste some sap. Celebrate trees and the magical sweetness of the maple in spring.

Saturday, March 5

harelquin_duck 2a

Birding the Wilds of Cape Ann
7:30 am–5 pm | Adults
Explore the coves, cracks, crannies, beaches, and thickets of Cape Ann looking for a perfect storm of bird life. Seabirds and waterfowl, sparrows and shorebirds, Cape Ann has it all.


Busy Bees’ Wax (Waitlist only)
2–3:30 pm | Ages 3+ w/adult
Beeswax has an incredible number of uses—from art to music, and even surfing! How do bees make it, and how do we get it? Meet our beekeeper and learn how he minds his beeswax.

Thursday, March 10


Sip Some Sap (Waitlist only)

10–11:30 am | Ages 3+ w/adult
Listen to a story of maple sugaring, and take a walk out to our sugar bush. We’ll check out our evaporator to see how sap is turned into syrup, and enjoy a tasty maple treat.


Friday, March 11

Chicken Dance Party (Waitlist only)
3:30–5 pm | All ages w/adult
Come and dance along with the chickens.  We’ll do the Rooster Rhumba, Barred Rock Ballet, and Chickie-Chickie Cha-Cha when we visit the Poultry House and take care of the chickens. It will be an egg-citing time!

As you can see, many of our programs fill up early! Visit our program catalog to find future programs with more availability.