Upcoming Excursions & Trips – 12/5/2017

Upcoming Local Programs and Excursions

The Arts and the Experience of Nature with Dave Davis and friends
Wednesday, December 13, 7:30-8:30 pm
Join poet laureate of Joppa Flats Dave Davis and other invited artists for a dleightful evening of words and images celebrating nature. Bring a piece of your own to share during the open mic portion of the evening! No registration required. Learn More >

New Year’s Madness with David Moon and Bill Gette
Monday, January 1, 8:30 am–4:30 pm
No bird will be left unwatched with this group of avid leaders, and you can begin your new Year List with a big tour of the north shore coastal hotspots from Salisbury to Gloucester. Call us at 978-462-9998 for more information. Register Online >

Joppa Trips Further Afield

Birding Bosque del Apache with Bill Gette and Alison O’Hare
January 9–15, 2018
Want a chance to feel the rush of thousands of Snow Geese flying over your head? Come on this trip! We’ve filled eleven seats, but we can take four more. Call us or download the brochure for more information. Download the brochure >

New England: Leader’s Choice Getaway with Dave Larson and Dave Weaver
January 18–19, 2018
What a treat to go to the spots that the Daves deem the best for winter specialties of this New England winter! Do not worry that you will have to bird at midnight on Mount Washington, as Dave Weaver keeps the reins on any overenthusiastic ambitions dreamed up by our birding “machine,” aka Dave Larson. Call us at 978-462-9998 for more information. Register Online >

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