Where’s Milly? At the Vernal Pool

Milly at the Vernal Pool

Milly is super excited to get out on the sanctuary to see how spring is springing. Owen and Milly have seen dozens of spotted salamanders in our vernal pool. They have also seen wood ducks, mallards, and wood frogs too!

Wood Duck Trail Camera Video from the Vernal Pool on March 25, 2020

2 thoughts on “Where’s Milly? At the Vernal Pool

  1. Faith F Sandstrom

    I have never seen a Wood Duck ! Thank you for bringing them to us via your trail cam.. Have you located where they nest? a nearby tree? Beautiful creatures. Happy thanks for keeping us outdoors and immersed in Spring. Faith

    1. Sean K. Post author

      Hi Faith,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, I hope you are doing well. We don’t know where the nest is, but it is probably relatively close by. They usually nest in tree cavities and we have a fair bit of water near by. My best guess is near the meadow and wetland area. Be well.


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