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Where’s Milly? At the Vernal Pool

Milly at the Vernal Pool

Milly is super excited to get out on the sanctuary to see how spring is springing. Owen and Milly have seen dozens of spotted salamanders in our vernal pool. They have also seen wood ducks, mallards, and wood frogs too!

Wood Duck Trail Camera Video from the Vernal Pool on March 25, 2020

Where’s Milly on a Rainy Spring Day???

As the vernal pool thaw, Milly is gearing up to start searching for spotted salamanders and wood frogs. Look for Milly at the Vernal Pool tomorrow.

Vernal Pool in February
Wood Frogs being Wood Frogs
A Spotted Salamander being a Spotted Salamander

Welcome Milly the Raccoon to the MABA team!

We’d like to introduce you to Milly the Raccoon. Today she is rain ready as she prepares to explore the wildlife sanctuary in this wet weather.

Although we have to be isolated for everybody’s safety for the foreseeable future, we want to do this together so Milly the Raccoon will bring you updates from MABA as she goes exploring each day. Where will she be next, find out tomorrow…