New Yale Maps Show the Need to Talk More About Climate Change

by Daniel Brown The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, one of the foremost research groups studying public perceptions of climate change, recently released an updated version of their famed climate opinion maps. These maps show how fundamental understanding of climate change differs across the country, and the newest edition raises many interesting findings. Here […]

Fuel Economy Standards Rollback: Worst Environmental Decision Yet

By Daniel Brown Update: The public comment period is now open. You can oppose the emissions rollbacks here. The Trump administration has made several decisions that threaten the environment and prioritize corporate profits above the health of our kids and wildlife. The legacy of the Trump administration is already well-established as one of the worst, […]

Climate Central Explains Reality – Four U.S. Senators Object

By Daniel Brown Four Republican Senators, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, James Lankford, and Jim Inhofe, each of whom have denied the reality of climate change in the past, signed a letter asking the National Science Foundation (NSF) to investigate funding they awarded to the non-profit organization Climate Central, suggesting Climate Central is propagandizing. That’s false. […]

Massachusetts Should Look to California on Rooftop Solar

By Daniel Brown The California Energy Commission voted unanimously last week to require rooftop solar on new homes and apartments by 2020, with reasonable exceptions. The commission estimates the new rules will lead to a reduction of 493 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year. That’s approximately equivalent to taking 50,000 cars off the road or […]

Federal Report Confirms Human-Induced Climate Change

by Daniel Brown A draft report by scientists from 13 federal agencies concludes, unequivocally, that Americans are already feeling the effects of climate change and that human activity is the cause. The Climate Science Special Report, currently in final draft form, will guide the Fourth National Climate Assessment. The National Climate Assessment is a comprehensive […]

2016 Drought Can Help Us Prepare for Climate Change

By Daniel Brown, Heidi Ricci, and Stefanie Covino The grass on the Common in front of the State House is brown. Plants and trees at Mass Audubon sanctuaries are looking a bit wilted. Community reservoirs are running low. It’s not your imagination. It’s been very dry. Severe Drought in Massachusetts About a third of Massachusetts […]