New things at Moose Hill Camp

Spring is here! Although as I look out the window this morning on April 2nd, I am watching the snow fall. Despite the snow outside, we here at Moose Hill Camp, are getting ready for summer camp 2018! We have several new programs and special weeks that we are offering this summer. As you plan your summer for your kids, consider having them join our community for one week or multiple weeks. Here are the new programs we are offering this summer. If you have any questions about any of these programs, or anything else about our summer programs, please contact Shawn at [email protected]

Writing: July 2-6. Week 3
Learn how to express yourself in words and pictures and craft your own book! You will learn how to create stories from beginning to end, and learn about telling stories with pictures. During this week, campers will spend time exploring Moose Hill’s property to find some inspiration for their stories regardless if the story is nature themed or not. Campers will also learn how to make their own paper from natural and recycled materials. We will use writing prompts and also learn about the process of telling a story.

Organic Art: July 23-27. Week 6
This week campers will spend the week harvesting materials from the landscape to make their own art and materials. We will be making our own charcoal, inks/ dyes, pens, brushes, and paper. While we will also use modern materials, the goal is to learn how to make some basic art tools that you can use at home.

Music Week: August 6-10. Week 8
This week we will be making our own music in a variety of ways. Monday and Tuesday we will get to explore music in nature, and several simple instruments. We might even make a few simple instruments. Then, Wednesday through Friday we will have Maine folk musician Doug Day as a musician in residence. On early Friday evening after camp, Doug will be giving a free concert with the campers who can be here playing a combination of his songs and ones written that week. Here is a little more about Doug from the Maine Arts Commission and the Sweet Chariot Music Festival.

Climate Science: July 2-6. Week 3
This week the campers will be looking at the Climate and Climate data from here in Massachusetts. Climate is a big topic, and we will look at breaking it down into smaller portions so we can get a good understanding of what is happening with our weather over a long period of time. We will also be using Mass Audubon’s State of the Birds as one of the resources in exploring climate effects in Massachusetts.

Conservation Science: July 16-20. Week 5
There are many ways that people help take care of and protect the nature of Massachusetts and beyond. During this week we will be looking at who are some famous conservationists and what they did to help save certain areas of nature. We will also be talking with some folks who are actively in the field doing conservation work. We will spend time exploring an invasive species removal project that we have going on here on Moose Hill.

Earth Science: July 30-August 3. Week 7
There are several systems that operate in the natural world in synchronicity. During this week, in addition to exploring Moose Hill, campers will learn about the water cycle, food web, geology, weather, and the atmosphere. While out on camp, they will get to see Earth Science up close and personal.

GARDEN CAMP: Ages 7-9. Weeks 5-10 (July 16-August 20)
We have had Farm camp for several years. And we had a number of younger campers express an interest in learning about farming. And so, we created Garden Camp. Garden Camp will be based at the Farm House which is just across the street from the main nature center at Moose Hill. We will have several raised garden beds that we will be learning about, tending, and harvesting from. Campers will get to plant, take care of plants in various stages of growth, and harvest vegetables from the garden. Garden campers will also explore Moose Hill’s extensive trail system and, of course, we will visit The Farm at Moose Hill during the week.

NATURE ADVENTURE CAMP: Ages 12-15. Weeks 2-10. (June 25-August 20)
This new program is for our older campers who still want to be outside and explore while learning some new skills. Nature Adventure Camp campers will get out and explore parts of Moose Hill that not many people get to see. This group will be small in size, no more than 6 most likely, and big on exploration. In addition, campers will be learning navigation skills, and basic survival skills around shelter, water, and fire. This group will be a small community that will really get to know Moose Hill in a different way.

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