CSA Update: Cilantro tips and other news

Now that you have received your cilantro, you may be wondering what exactly to do with it and how to take proper care.

  • Cilantro likes full sun and moist soil, so water often, especially in this heat. If you are leaving your cilantro in the cup we gave it to you, set it in another bowl or Tupperware of some sort so that the water does not leak through and make a mess
  • Prune back the main stem as soon as it begins to develop its flower to prevent it from bolting and losing flavor.  Cilantro bolts readily in heat so be ready for this and make sure you are watering often
  • To harvest your cilantro trim back the top leaves and use them for cooking. This also encourages bushier growth.

In other news, we are all working hard to fight back the weeds and continue to grow healthy crops.  The heat has definitely been an obstacle lately so work early in the mornings is the best time to get this done. Some of our crops have not been doing well from our hot and dry spring.  This past rainstorm was much needed and hopefully more is on the way.

Heat is not the only obstacle either. We are also fighting a consistent fight against the Colorado Potato Beetle and the Cucumber beetle by squishing their eggs and now at this point their larva.  Crops that has been struggling from any detriment, like our cucumbers and squash, usually get a “second planting” in another location in our field so we have a second chance on them this season.

We appreciate your continued support and we hope you are enjoying this rollercoaster of a season as much as we are.

See you on the farm!

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