Buy-a-Bucket and Vegetables Coming Soon

Buy-a-Bucket: offered to shareholders on their distribution night and to general visitors, or shareholders, during Farm Stand hours on Saturday/Sunday (11 am-3pm). Please be aware that the orange buckets that are given to harvest with are not meant to be taken home, but are the guide for pricing ($6/harvested bucket for shareholders; $12/harvested bucket for non-shareholders). As always, we suggest that you bring an extra bag to transfer your food in to after picking. If you wish to take the bucket home, it will be an additional $4. For our shareholders – with the variety of pick-your-own and the buy-a-bucket option, you may spend more time in the field, please remember to plan accordingly for arrival at distribution considering the extra time.

Speaking of extra bags – shareholders, we are always in need of a few extra bags for people who forget theirs when they come to distribution. We appreciate everyone who has brought in  bags so far this season!

Upcoming crops:

  • Here now: Melons, Tomatoes
  • Coming soon: Potatoes, Arugula
  • On the horizon: Leeks, Sweet potatoes, winter squash.

Curious about what happens with food that is unpicked in the fields? Since there is so much ground to cover in both the lower and upper field, it is impossible to harvest every last thing. For example, some things like squash and zucchini overgrow when left in the field, but can still be used for things like zucchini bread. Boston Area Gleaners (B.A.G.) is a non-profit organization we will be inviting to our fields to get these left overs. They are dedicated to delivering surplus farm crops to those in need. We are happy to have found an organization that can help us to help others!

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