The scoop on “conservation restrictions”

Dinah Rowbotham, Land Protection Program Assistant

There’s a fair amount of tricky lingo that gets thrown around the conservation world. One of the confusing terms frequently used is “conservation restriction” (or “conservation easement” as is used everywhere else in the country outside the Commonwealth). In a nutshell, a conservation restriction (CR) is a tool to provide permanent protection of land while allowing that land to remain in private ownership. Land Protection Director Bob Wilber recently wrote a message to the readers of our e-newsletter, Land—For People and Wildlife, spelling out a more detailed explanation (click here) of a CR in layman’s terms. So for those of you who are still thinking “but what IS a conservation restriction??” – you’ll probably find Bob's note to be a more satisfactory response than the nutshell version above. And if you’re not yet receiving our e-newsletter, please visit our website and sign up by entering your name and email address in the column on the left.