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Help needed! Patterson Property Success in Sight

Charlie Wyman, Senior Land Protection Specialist

Readers of Gaining Ground may recall our entry about the Patterson property in Barre (Thickening Around the Middle, August 2011).  That opportunity—to protect 50 critical acres surrounded on three sides by our Rutland Brook Wildlife Sanctuary—is at hand.
Agreement with the family has been reached, “due diligence” (title, appraisal and environmental investigations) are complete, and of the total cost of $167,000 to acquire and care for the property, commitments totaling $123,000 are in hand.  The latter come thanks to a Conservation Partnership grant from the Commonwealth and a generous $45,000 contribution from a private foundation, the good news of which arrived in the last couple of months.

If we succeed in raising the final $44,000 needed, this wonderful mix of pine/oak/hemlock uplands interspersed with swamp and marsh wetlands will be permanently protected and added to the sanctuary.  The property drains to Osgood Swamp, the magnificent swamp/marsh/fen that dominates the southern part of the sanctuary.

With the aid of a $15,000 challenge grant that will double every contribution received, we are now in search of conservation-minded individuals who understand the importance of protecting large swaths of our natural areas and habitats. Click here to help us protect these important 50 acres.

Tree at Patterson property