Finding Ways to Ramp Up the Pace of Conservation

Mass Audubon often needs to move quickly in order to protect a critical piece of property.  Even when we do have the luxury of time, local or place-based fundraising may not be sufficient to raise all the funds needed.

For these situations we created the Land Conservation Fund.  Gifts to this fund are used to:

  • Respond rapidly to important land conservation opportunities
  • Leverage additional funds through matching challenges
  • Make projects that have exhausted all other funding possibilities feasible

The conservation impact of these funds cannot be overstated.  In many cases, they simply make the protection of important land possible. Sometimes a property’s location presents its own set of challenges.  For example, fundraising can be particularly challenging in the western part of the state, where there is lots of important land to be protected, but fewer people to fund its conservation.

Land Conservation Fund in Action

A few of Mass Audubon’s recent successful projects where the Land Conservation Fund played a critical role include:

  • 109 acres in Plainfield that are part of a large network of significant wildlife corridors extending north all the way to maritime Quebec
  • 84 acres in Petersham that helped provide a functional connection between our Rutland Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and Harvard Forest
  • Leveraging the protection of 140 acres in Metrowest that served as the keystone to creating a connected, protected landscape of more than 1,000 acres overall.   

Your Gift

This financial resource enables us to be more nimble, proactive, and employ a visionary statewide approach. Your gift to the Land Conservation Fund empowers us to pursue and complete projects for climate change response – helping both people and nature be more resilient in the years ahead.