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Welcome Intern Mary-Ellise Schiffer

Land Conservation has a spring intern for the third year in a row, and we are very happy to announce that it is Mary-Ellise Schiffer! 

A Class in Conservation Restrictions

For this internship, Mass Audubon is thankful to have a working relationship with John Baker of Clark University who advertises it to his current students.  John teaches a class each fall on Conservation Restrictions (CRs) in which students have the chance to learn hands on about how CRs work and how to go about running a CR Stewardship program.  In a sense, this internship is an opportunity for one student to take a deeper dive into all the ins and outs of CRs (tools for conserving land that remains in someone else’s ownership, by permanently extinguishing some or all of the development that might otherwise take place there).

The arrangement benefits both Clark and Mass Audubon.  John Baker has a chance to give his students real world professional experience, and Mass Audubon has a reliable pool of good candidates.

The internship itself tends to be a varied experience.   Students typically engage in tasks as varied as record keeping, report writing, assessing ecosystems, using mapping software, navigating through swamps, and taking photos of frog and salamander eggs in vernal pools.

Mary planting trees to restore rainforests in Queensland, Australia!

About Mary-Ellise Schiffer

Mary will serve as the CR intern for the spring semester of 2019.  She is currently a senior at Clark University, and is taking this internship for academic credit towards her Earth Systems Science major. In her role, she will help Nick Rossi (Mass Audubon’s CR Steward) with all things related to CR stewardship.

Growing up in the beautiful coastal town of Narragansett, Rhode Island, Mary has always loved the outdoors – the ocean, forests and wildlife. She is creative and enthusiastic, with a deep sense of wonder about the world around her.

Although she studies Environmental Science, she also enjoys researching subjects such as psychology, art, and philosophy. She’s always been an avid reader, and can often be found curled up somewhere cozy. Her dreams include becoming a well-published author, backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail, and holding a handstand.

By choosing an internship with Mass Audubon, she continues on the path which may one day lead her to the title of “National Park Ranger who gets to be outside all day and get paid for it!”