Bird Conservation on the Road in Iceland

Hrisey Island © Margo Servison

From June 12–21 two members of the Bird Conservation team, Jon Atwood and Margo Servison, were privileged to visit Iceland with a Mass Audubon Natural History Tour. Along with 14 other travelers, we saw incredible geology, waterfalls, geysers, flowers, sea cliffs, and landscapes that can only be described as ‘otherworldly’. Oh, and lots of birds—74 species, the majority of which are seldom seen in North America, and nearly all of which were seen by all trip participants.

European Golden-Plover © Margo Servison

It was an amazing experience, to be in a world where the dominant bird species were shorebirds, waterfowl, and seabirds—there were only about 10 species of songbirds. Black-tailed Godwits, Red-necked Phalaropes, Gyrfalcon (even including a nest with 3 chicks), Atlantic Puffin, and European Golden-Plover were the trip favorites. And our super-fabulous local tour guide (Trausti Gunnarsson), one of those people who knows everything about everything, made the trip far more than simply a great birding experience.

Red-necked Phalarope © Margo Servison

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4 thoughts on “Bird Conservation on the Road in Iceland

  1. Denis Mountain

    Wow, after reading your blog, I feel Iceland is the best place for birdwatching. And, I will definitely visit this place.

  2. Julie Sidon

    I have traveled to Iceland several times, and would love to go back specifically for a birding tour. Can you provide information to me as it becomes available? Otherwise, I am concerned that I will miss your posts regarding these trips.

    1. Margo S.

      Hi Julie! Thanks for your interest in doing a birding tour in Iceland. We had a lot of fun. Our travel program director has put you on her list of people to send the trip itinerary information to as soon as the information is available.


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