Signs of the Season

Fair Weather Birders joined me last week to explore field edges near the Nature Center and at Little Farm Pond.  Raptors were on display.  This red-tailed hawk glided in to perch overlooking Indian Brook field.  The brown feathers on the belly form a “band” that is unmistakable for identifying red-tails.

Below the bird feeder, white-throated sparrows scratched for seeds.  Look for stripes on the head and yellow lores between beak and eye

At Little Farm Pond a large shape glided silently in and perched, watching us.  Barred owls are often active during the day.  These owls have no ear tufts and dark eyes.  When they call, some hear “Who Cooks for You?”

Pollinators are still active especially in the fields and native plants garden.  New England Asters and goldenrods are favorites of bees, Monarchs, and other butterflies.

Citizen scientists monitoring our 55 nest boxes intended for birds noted a large paper wasp nest in July.  That nest continued to grow and now almost completely covers box number 26.

Come and see what seasonal signs you can find!

Many thanks to Acima Cherian for sharing  photos she took while Fair Weather Birding.


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