Nature in Your Neighborhood: Really Close to Home

On a trip in southern Mexico many years ago, I bought a life-sized hollow jaguar head. carved from wood.  Today it’s mounted on a wall of our front porch.  A few weeks ago I noticed some pieces of grass sticking out of the mouth.  Looking more closely, it was obviously stuffed full of dried plant material.  Then I caught a brief glimpse of a wren perched on one of the ears.  Two days ago, the bird appeared again with food in its bill.

What would the jaguar think of this?
Incoming food delivery

Carolina wrens were once found only in southeastern US but have moved north and are seen year round in Massachusetts.  Their loud “teakettle, teakettle, teakettle” song carries long distances although the birds can be secretive.  They are well-known for nesting near people.  Mailboxes, hanging planters, and door wreaths are popular locations.

Last November I brought a hanging plant into the garage from our porch when frost was predicted overnight.  When I put the planter on the floor, two wrens shot out.  They had been sleeping in the planter and  quickly exited when the garage door was opened.

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