Lady’s-slipper Orchids!

The season of woodland wildflowers is finally here.  Look under the pine and oak forests for these hidden treasures.  Lady’s-slipper orchids, also called moccasin flowers are little pink slipper shaped flowers rising above oval dark green leaves.  They grow very slowly and are becoming increasingly hard to find.

Lady's-slipper Orchids

Canada mayflower is another beauty of the forest floor.

Canada mayflower


You might see a tiny red berry nestled between two oval leaves.  Partridgeberries will have twin white flowers.  This berry is last year’s.Partridgeberry 2

Its name aptly describes the Cinnamon fern.  A long plume of spores rises from the center of the fern fronds.  Another fern in the same genus has soft brown spores along the midrib of a fern frond, hence the name Interrupted fern.  Look for both in moist, shaded woods.

Cinammon fern


Heart-shaped pond lily leaves surround the single yellow flower of Nuphar also called bullhead lily.

Nuphar flower


In the trail you might find eggs.  The Eastern Painted turtle is looking for a spot to lay hers.

Turtle in Indian Brook Trail

But this Wood thrush egg shell was probably dropped after a predator ate the contents.


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